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which seventeen member are you
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Seventeen Carats

seventeen kpop band

Which Seventeen Member Are You?? We need to know Today You are going to be blown away by how we are going to be able to tell with extreme accuracy which one of the seventeen members is the most similar to you. When it comes to Seventeen, they need no introduction at all. Created by the mighty Pledis Entertainment. An amazing k-pop band. They have been dominating kpop ever since 2015. Today we will be asking you a strict set of questions to find out more about your personality. The better we know your personality, the better we can match you with one of the band members.

How to Play

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Our quiz will be very easy if you are a seventeen fan. All you will have to do is answer twenty questions about yourself and also the band. You will have four answers to choose from, so choose wisely.  You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. Nearly time to begin our Which Seventeen Member Are You quiz…

Seventeen The Kpop Legends

“Self-producing” is a term used to describe Seventeen, which has idols who are actively involved in composition and choreography, as well as other areas of their sound and shows. All three units are part of the same ensemble, however, each one specializes in a distinct type of music. Many local and foreign media sites have called them “Theater Kids of K-Pop,” “K-Pop Performance Kings,” and “K-Pop Performance Powerhouse,” respectively. These guys have given the world so many fun times.


Epic seventeen member quiz

SEVEnteen together

We are so glad that your here today to play our seventeen members quiz. Obviously, the epic team know ideally want to find out which member of seventeen is most like you. Well, it’s your lucky day because you are going to get to find all of that and more in our seventeen quiz.  This is one of those quizzes that will be remembered for the next few days. Get ready its nearly time to find out Which Seventeen Member Are You.

Their Music

seventeen carat

Seventeen is a boy band from South Korea that has produced a total of 21 singles, 12 extended plays, over three studio albums, three reissues, and one compilation album. Vital information to do well and be number one in our seventeen member quiz. We get you’re a big fan of these quizzes. So rest assured the fun will keep coming.


  1. 17 Carat
  2. Boys Be
  3. Going Seventeen
  4. Al1
  5. You Make My Day
  6. You Made My Dawn
  7. Heng:garæ
  8. Semicolon
  9. Your Choice
  10. Attacca
  11. We Make You
  12. 24H



  1. Luv & Letter
  2. Teen, Age
  3. An Ode
  4. Face the Sun

Band member's character

The band members’ character has always been reported as being one of fun, joy, and happiness to all for years. They always try and reach out to fans as much as possible. They have done multiple fan meets and continue to hold quite a big user base across the world.  You would be surprised how much these guys still attract a big following. To learn more about their online media personality, don’t forget to check out our other quizzes, which you can play with your friends also. Which band member is your bias then? Or which band member has the consent to take you on holiday?

Top band member question

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Well the only seventeen things that you are probably interested in right now is which member of the band are you lol. But something we see being asked is which member is the most hated. We don’t have an idea for the answer to this one and are more focused on helping you find out which member is most like you. So let’s get this quiz started!

Future Band News

Seventeen made the “Team SVT” initiative public on March 24, 2022, in advance of their sixth fan conference, Seventeen in Caratland. After the three-day conference, they unveiled their new group logo. Seventeen’s fourth album, Face the Sun, was released on April 15, preceded by the digital single “Darl+ing,” which was released in English on April 15. The album’s debut track, “Hot,” was premiered on May 27. Furthermore, on April 20 and 23, they premiered their debut feature film, titled Seventeen Power of Love: The Movie, in theatres throughout the world.

SEVEnteen together

On May 7 and 8, 2019, Seventeen performed in Saitama Super Arena for their Japanese Fanmeeting ‘Hanabi,’ their first offline performance in the nation in over two and a half yrs, after their 2019 Ode to You tour. We hope that got your tickets from the store for this one.

Seventeen’s third global tour, titled “Be the Sun,” was announced by Pledis Ent in May 2022, with the first stop set to be the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on June 25 and 26, 2022. Starting on August 10 and running through September 6, the North American leg will play a total of 12 gigs in arenas across the United States and Canada. From September 24 to October 13, the group will be performing in Jakarta, Thailand, Manila, and Singapore, as previously announced by their record company.

Awards they Have Won

In their first year as a group, the 17-member group took home three rookie honors; since then, they’ve included six Bonsang (major prize) honors and two grand prize honors from various year-end award ceremonies. In addition, they took home the trophy for Best Dance Routine at the Asian Awards. You should also check out our seventeen kpop quiz.

seventeen awards

In recognition of their work on modern Korean culture and the arts, they were honoured with a Prime Minister’s Commendation in October, 2020. At the Newsis Hallyu Expo, the band received a prestigious Award. Furthermore, they were shortlisted for Top Social Artist at the Billboard Awards. Don’t forget to check out our online quiz page, many kpop quizzes waiting for you. 

In a first for the network, K-pop group Seventeen was included in the MTV PUSH worldwide campaign, which was put together by MTV’s music and talent departments in the United States and throughout the world. The group was the first K-pop act to be highlighted in MTV’s “We Speak Music” campaign in July 2022, which used the subject “Music as a global language” to highlight the greatest performers from the MTV Video Music Awards and other MTV shows. Now its time for you to find out Which Seventeen Member Are You.

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