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which exo member will fall for you (would you go for chen?)

Today you are going to find which exo member will fall for you. Finding out which member of the band would be in love with you is a complicated science. But we have managed to get it down to a small set number of questions to ask you so that we can see which singer it’s more likely to happen with. We know you love all of the EXO members but there can only be one who will be for you. This is gonna be one of those exo kpop quizzes you will remember for a while.

How to Play

how to play this quiz

Our exo quiz is extremley easy to play. You will have twenty questions to get through. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. All TRUE EXO fans have done this, so you can too. If you wanted to find out about Exo History and what they’re really all about, then carry on reading. Don’t forget our online quiz hub.

Who would we say is the leader of the group?

The leader of the band as of 2022 is Suho. His real name is Kim Jun-myeon and in the beginning, he was only the leader of EXO-K, and Kris who has since left EXO in 2016 was the leader of EXO-M. Suho continues to be the main man for the band and is still doing a great job being the leader of the now 7-member EXO kpop band. Do you think Suho is the member who will be for you?

Who is the last person to join the group?

The last member to join the band was the one and only Chen. He joined in 2011. So then,which exo member you think was the first to join the group. Slightly off topic, you ever played a kpop position quiz? We know you have played a kpop music trivia before though.

Who is the closest person to Kyungsoo?


There are a few in the group who we think are closest to kyungsoo,  Baekhyun is definitely one of them, and also Kai. Who do you think Kyung is closest to?

which member has a kid

The person in the band who has children is Kim Jong-dae who is also know as Chen. He has two children as of July 2022. You must be feeling almost read for our quiz? It was created specifically for you. Because we know you love thier amazing music.

Who is still in EXO as of 2022? (and which one is your boyfriend)


The crew who make up EXO as of 2022 are 

  1. Xiumin
  2. Suho
  3. Lay
  4. Chen
  5. D.O.
  6. Kai
  7. Sehun

Who has a character like chanyeol

Many people have described Kai as having a similar character to chanyeol. We do not see it ourselves but still think its an interesting observation to have been made.

How you find them on stage

The band are known for their intricate stage decorations and coordinated dance.  Recently, Kim Tae Woo, a choreographer, and they worked together. The band’s “seamless…knife-point choreography,” in the words of Dazed, has propelled them to the forefront of pop dominance. The usage of water in the form of rain and small ponds has been a frequent stage feature on the group’s globe tours.

image of a famous kpop group for the kpop quiz - epic win

Exo’s “winning formula,” according to Cleo, was the use of water to their choreography for the songs “White Noise” and “Lightsaber,” which “had some of the band becoming wet.” In one phase, the lads danced sensually while water showered down on them from above while standing on a raised hexagon-shaped platform that was styled like the band’s insignia, according to Yahoo. 

The bands usage of “not just… the stage-lights and the lightsticks, but also variety of special effects like liquid, fires, and pyrotechnics, not to mention giant screens placed both on the substage and throughout the whole perimeter of the arena,” was observed by Music Mind in regards to their stage design. The platform was practically on fire as explosive effects were detonated with the electronic rhythm, according to Rappler journalist Keb Cuevas, who also praised the band’s “multi-LED screen stage adorned with iridescent Exo embellishments and coordinated laser lights.” When reporting on a 2018 performance in Singapore, Bandwagon said that following their “You may anticipate that their repertoire and stages would be monotonous and boring after their fourth concert tour in four years. However, it was in no way the case.”

What impact they have had

Exo were the first Korean musicians in 12 years to sell more than one million copies of an album with the release of their debut album in 2013. The last musician to accomplish this feat was g.o.d all the way back in 2001. Exo was the first Korean performer to make their debut in the twenty-first century to sell a total of 10 million records with the release of their fifth album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. Exo achieved “sextuple million sellers” status in 2021, which denotes that the group has sold more than one million copies of each of its six studio albums.

Exo have made a large financial contribution to their record label, or some would say their management company. With a profit of $13.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2018, SM Entertainment had its highest-ever quarterly earnings for any South Korean entertainment firm. Exo brought in the most money out of all the SM acts, contributing 31% of the $188 million in income for the fourth quarter.

exo on stage

The phrase “largest boy band in the world” has been used to characterize Exo. In addition, they have received the moniker “Kings of K-Pop” from publications like Vogue, PageOne, and OBS in South Korea, as well as “Nation’s Pick” and “Global Pick” from South Korean media. Exo has seen tremendous success in South Korea, where they were ranked by Forbes as the country’s most influential celebrities in 2015 and 2016 as well as in the top five for 2014, 2017, and 2018 and among the top ten for 2019. They are regarded as a significant contributor to the Hallyu Wave, which describes the emergence and international diffusion of Korean popular culture.

Bustle referred to Exo as “the quintessential K-pop sensation” while addressing their relevance on a worldwide scale, saying that “there’s absolutely nothing comparable to Exo.” Exo’s capacity to constantly sell music in the Korean and Chinese industries while continuing to wow audiences in the United States via Billboard chartings and stadium tours led Vulture to refer to the band as “leaders of a K-pop generation.” Exo’s success was compared to that of “a continent-straddling pop behemoth” by Dazed. Exo’s international appeal, widespread critical praise, and sizable fanbase were cited by AsiaOne in 2016 as evidence that they were “becoming a ubiquitous, unstoppable global force.”

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