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which exo member hates you
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Which one hates you then?

shocked kpop exo star

When it comes to finding out which Exo artist actually hates you, it’s quite a touchy subject for a few Exo fans. Years ago exo used to dominate kpop, but some people feel exo crew hate them. Finding out which artist from Exo dislikes you can be sad as well as funny depending on how you look at it. Obviously you know that the Exo members do not really hate you.

If anything they probably love you for listening to their music for so many years. The only way EXO could hate you is if you stopped being a fan, which is very unlikely. But let’s get started and find out Which Exo member dislikes you then. Did you know which exo person secretly likes you? This is going to be a clear exo funny quiz. A few of the epicwin crew love Kai, so we dont think he would be hatin on us.

How to Play

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In our quiz, you find it very easy and straightforward to play. You will have twenty questions to answer. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. A

Which EXO members wants to kill you

Kai? Chen? or Suho?

Do you know which Exo member wants to kill you? Bit of an erie question to ask you today, but we like to tickle your brains here at epicwin.. Have you ever stared at the faces of the Exo members and wondered which one of these Exo boys wants to kill me? Well today is your lucky day, because not only will you find out which members want to kill you. You will also get to learn about which one these Exo boys hate in our newest personality quiz. Which exo member you think it is? Would you say its Kai? or would you say Sehun? Cant be Sehun lol

Which Exo member can speak English?

kris wu

When looking into which members can speak english we have to go back in time into their history. In all of their time as KPOP stars, the only person of Exo who could speak English was Kris (Wu Yi Fan). He left the group in 2016 and there have been no other members who can speak english.

The most hated member

Seeing as we are going through which Exo members hate you. Let’s get deep into which Exo guy is the most hated out of the whole group.  Finding out who is the most hated Exo person isn’t too difficult. Generally Kai gets a lot of hate just  for being himself, poor guy. He gets despised for even breathing. He gets hate  the way he acts, the way he moves, his by and large persona everything gets so much backlash.

More recently Baekhyun together with Kai began getting despised due to superm. If we are talking about the most hated Exo member as of 2022 it’s probably Chen due to him getting married and having a child. Kpop fans are very fickle lol. Years ago chanyeol used to be our most hated member. Not anymore though. Make sure you don’t forget to check out our masterlist of quizzes.

Which member would not like you


So seeing as you are here to find out which of the members hate you. Do you think any of the other guys in the crew may not like you as well lol? Well, we highly doubt so because your main issue today is with one person. The one who dislikes you for no reason whatsoever lol. Either way why they hating on you and what if you hate them too. Out of all the members kai might be the one who is doing this.

They never used to write their songs

shocked kpop exo star

Exo’s boys were first criticized for not having a hand in the creation of their music. On the reissue of the album Luv Me Right, issued in 2015, Exo finally debuted a song with lyrics credited to a person of the group. As a “special present” to the fans, “Promise (Exo 2014)” was composed by Chanyeol, Chen, and Lay to express gratitude for the group’s adoration. Ever thought of getting yourself an exo boyfriend?

Since then, Exo have released a number of songs that feature lyrical contributions from the band’s guys, such as “Heaven” & “She’s Dreaming” from the third album, the special promotional single “Lightsaber,” and, most famously, the blockbuster single “Ko Ko Bop” from their  The War.

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