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Blackpink Record Smashers

which blackpink member are you then?

Throughout their history, Blackpink have smashed various internet records. With their music videos for “Kill This Love” (2019) and “How You Like That” (2020), they broke and established Guinness World Records for the most-watched music video in the first 24 hours of release. With more than 75 million followers on Spotify, they are the most-followed girl group on the site. 

They have five music videos that have accumulated one billion views apiece on YouTube. Aside from these awards, they’ve also been nominated for Mnet Asian Award Best Female Group in 2020, the first time a Korean girl group has received MTV  Video Award, and they’ve been included on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list. Former South Korean President Moon Jae-in called them a global K-pop sensation who helped promote K-pop material all over the globe, and Forbes Korea ranked them as one of the most powerful celebrities in South Korea (first in 2019, third in 2020, and second in 2021). Let’s get started and into one our many kpop quizzes blackpink

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Our which blackpink member are you quiz is very easy to play. You will have twenty questions to answer for us. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. All TRUE Blackpink fans have done this, so you can too.  Another thing, can we interest in you an K-Pop quiz by any chance?


Which Blackpink Member has a Boyfriend

The Blackpink members may or may not all have boyfriends. It is difficult to confirm such details especially if any member wants to keep things private. However, as of 2021, its reported that Jennie has been dating G-Dragon another kpop musician. As for Lisa as far as we know and have researched she is still single. Jisoo is also another member who is also not known to have any form of a partner. Finally, Rose is not known to be dating anyone or have had any form of a partner.  Just a few bits of info to help you in our quiz. 

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Yes, you are here to play another one of our great Kpop trivia. Today must be your lucky day right? Well, one thing that we know is that your also a big fan of the amazing kpop band black pink. We are also big fans of the ladies here at epicwin. We have created not one but over three kpop quizzes about Blackpink. You will get to thoroughly test your Blackpink knowledge. You must be getting ready to enter the quiz by now? You need to be ready to find your soulmate. Make sure you know your type before you searching in any of our BlckP quizzes. 

The ladies..Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa


The members of Blackpink are Jennie, Jisso, Rose and Lisa. All of the members are from South Korea apart from Rose, who is part New Zealandian, if that’s even a word. Jisoo is a favorite of our in blackpink. So then, are you ready to take on our which blackpink member is your soulmate quiz? Dont get this quiz confused with our which blackpink member are you quiz. We have plenty quizzes blackpink quiz.

The records they have broken to date

At various points in their history, the band has set a number of new benchmarks in terms of their popularity on the internet. Both the 2019 “Kill This Love” video and the 2020 “How You Like That” video broke many records for the most watched music video in the first 24 hours after their respective releases. Aside from being the most subscribed music act on YouTube and the first to gain over 75 million followers, they are also the most watched girl group on the Spotify platform. Dont forget to check out our quiz cafe.

In addition to being the first female Korean group to be featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list, they have also won the New Artist of the Year award at both the 31st Golden Disc Awards and the 26th Seoul  Awards. In 2020, they also received the Asian Music Award. This was for Best Female Band. Forbes Korea ranked them as the number one celebrity in South Korea in 2019, and they ranked third in 2020 and second in 2021. They were also recognized as a global K-pop sensation by former South Korean President Moon Jae-in.


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