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Animal Lover are we?

Have you been searching for a “What pet should I get quiz”. Well, you’re in luck, as we have one waiting for you right here today. We are all pet lovers and owners here at Epicwin. Cats seem to be the main pet, but we have three crew members with dogs. Finding a pet can be a tough task if you don’t know what you want in the first place. 

Knowing what kind of pet cant fit right into your life is key to being able to give that pet a long fulfilling life. So we want to help you along your pet finding journey. This quiz will be a good basis for you to know what pet you could have in the future. Wanna learn how to play the quiz? Keep reading below. 

How to Play our Quiz

how to play this quiz

Your job in our “What pet should I get quiz” is to answer all of the questions as truthfully as possible. Each question will be based of your personality traits. We will aim to match you with a pet that we feel matches who you are. You will have ten questions to answer about yourself. Make sure you answer them as truthfully as you can.  Failing to do so will lead to you being matched with a pet you more than likely will dislike. Think you could fill in the blanks?  or you wanna know more about looking after a pet?

Looking after a Pet

Getting you ready for to have Pet

Having a pet is an amazing experience, but caring for a new puppy or kitten can become daunting. Here at EpicWin, we will assist you in picking the best pet for you as well as understanding the interests of the pet you’re considering. You have to think of Location, how many exercises will it get, Time, and how much it costs. As well as what food you will get it. 

dog running

All pets require room to run and explore, but dogs especially need consistent access to a clean and protected outdoor area. Almost all cats like to play outdoors. Also, rabbits and guinea pigs require accessibility to a big run or a yard to be comfortable and safe. At least you have our “what pet should I get quiz” to guide you through all of this.

Dogs love going on walks on a daily basis and playing off-leash if it is convenient and safe for them to do it. The level of activity required by a dog is determined by their age, breed, and general fitness or health. To keep your pet busy, you could get some toys as all pets love enjoyable games and playing with toys, but for smaller pets, you can easily do this in your home.

You should think of more than just the initial cost of having a cat or dog. Food, treats, flea and worm medications, expensive pet insurance, repairing multiple chewed-up items, or unforeseen vet bills – everything starts to add up through your animal’s lifespan, particularly when they grow older or have health complications.

man walking a dog

We are an animal-loving country, however, the complexity of having a pet will vary from what we anticipated it to be. It’s critical to do as much research as possible into the species and breed of animal you choose and seek out real-life accounts of people who actually own the pet, as well as guidance from either a vet or animal-related forums.

Make sure that you are familiar with The Animal Rights Acts* as well as the five welfare needs which each pet requires in order to be safe and comfortable. After all our “What pet should I get quiz” should only be used as a guide to help you. Off topic, ever wondered how you will die? creepy we know. 

Household Conditions for pets

Every household and condition is unique, and we know that owners will go to great lengths to keep their pets safe and happy. This is a quiz to help prospective pet owners make an educated decision on how to give a pet a permanent home, and how to be mindful of the costs and duties involved!

Dogs are by far the most common pets in the United States, as anticipated, with around 50 million families having at least one or two dogs. Cats are among the earliest living known pets, with researchers finding a cat raised as a pet in Cyprus almost 9,500 years earlier. If you still wondering what pet I should get then keep reading.

Rabbits are cute and fluffy, however, they take a lot of care. Even so, this could be just what certain people require. Reptiles are now becoming more prominent as pets, presumably due to their uniqueness, which makes them popular with younger people. Well, you now know the basics when it comes to picking a pet. Don’t forget to try out our other crazy quizzes. We have a great fill in the blank quiz, as well as a great food logo quiz.  Ready for our What pet should I get quiz? Hit the big green button below. 

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