What Generation in Kpop is BTS?

So... Which Kpop generation
do BTS come from?


There are four generations of Kpop artists so far. BTS are from the Third Generation of Kpop!

Now that you know what generation in Kpop is BTS, you can now learn about all of the other generations of Kpop. Kpop has been around since way before BTS and there have been many artists before them and also after them. Read on below to learn about the kpop generational history. 

First Generation Kpop

Seo Taiji & Boys

what is 4th generation k-pop

Seo Taiji & Boys, Shinhwa, S.E.S., BoA, Lee Hyori, and a number of other pioneers of K-pop were part of the first Generation. It’s said to have been a time of trial and error for the South Korean music business, which had been trying to figure out what it wanted to be and who it was overall.

Obviously, it’s only logical that the first wave of K-Pop idol groups emerged during this time period. H.O.T., SM Entertainment’s original “boy band” was modeled on the style of American bands and Japanese superstars. This paved the way for the genre and ethos of Korean pop music. Competing agencies in Korea such as DSP Media began generating idol groups after H.O.T.’s success. All of the first-generation’s bands are as follows, SES, Fin.KL, Sechs Kies, and these groups make up the first golden generation of kpop.

First Generation Experimental Kpop Groups


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The experimental generation was made up of “experimental” groups that existed briefly before the birth of the second KPop generation. The groups that were a part of this micro-generation were BoA and god, Click-B, Jewelry, Chakra, Shinhwa.

In China, Japan, and other East nations, KPop began to acquire traction around the time when these groups were getting famous. While some foreign media outlets began to focus their attention on “K-pop” and Korean celebrities during this period. Did you know that the term “hallyu,” or the Korean Wave, was created around this period of kpop history.

Second Generation of Kpop

Girls Generation

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It was during Korea’s economic crisis that KPop’s second generation was born. Even so, the commercialization of K-pop has made it one of the nation’s most productive sectors. Another second generation aspect is that, most of what we now call the idol “distribution model” was created during this time. Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, KARA, and Wonder Girls were just a few of the groups that rose to prominence during this period.

The second generation of kpop saw its popularity begin to go beyond the borders of Korea. Additionally, “global tours” for idol groups began to emerge during this time period. Did you know that during this period  The “secret untouchable superstar” persona was discarded in favor of the “friendly neighborhood star” act by the second generation of boy and girl groups. Tv programmes, reality shows, and even appearances in K-Dramas have become more common among K-pop idols. Offtopic, do you know what to wear to a kpop concert?

Second Generation Experimental Kpop Groups


There was another micro-generation within the second generation of kpop stars. This consisted of idol groups including SISTAR, INFINITE, 2PM, INFINITE, f(x), 2NE1, Miss A, SHINee, and others that were driven by the popularity of the initial second generational idol groups. It wasn’t long until idols with more than just singing and dance skills began making their way into the limelight.

In 2010 little did the kpop world know that youtube was going to be such as useful tool in the wider adaptation of the genre. The idols from the second micro-generation seized the chance to connect with fans around the world by uploading their videos on YouTube.  A paradigm shift occurred in 2012 with the release of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” Im sure you can all remember that song. How many kpop jokes do you know?

Third Generation of Kpop

whic generation do you think bts launched

The third generation of K-pop superstars blew the genre and industry throughout the globe. Did you know a way to determine a third-generation kpop group is by the fact that their “fans” span the globe. Big social networks, as well as streaming services like YouTube helped to spread the popularity of K-pop throughout the world.

Additionally, third-generation idols devoted more time and money into constructing and communicating the stories of their lives in a way to lure fans who are looking for more. A big takeaways for kpop in the third generation is the quality of not only the songs themselves, but also the choreographies, music videos, promotional content, and merchandise. These have all grown at an unparalleled rate. Pioneers of this generation include TWICE, GOT7, VIXX, BTS, Velvet, GFRIEND BLACKPINK, EXO, NU’EST, Red , and many other ensembles.

Third Generation Experimental Kpop Groups

Monsta X

image of monsta x

Guess what… there was also another micro generation within the third generation of kpop that exploded in 2016. Mainly due to the success of the PRODUCE 101 series. Despite the fact that the show was eventually exposed as a fraud, it had a lasting impact on the K-pop industry by providing the culture’s customers a greater voice and influence. As a result of this generation, Kpop has moved dramatically toward listening to and meeting the requirements of its followers.

Many K-pop acts from the early 2000s including SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, and I.O.I were part of this micro-generation of the third generation, which grew in popularity as the K-pop landscape changed dramatically.

Fourth Generation of Kpop

Stray Kidz

So here we are, we are now in the fourth generation of K-Pop as of 2022. New milestones have been attained in both the music and the community during the last three generations. All barriers in K-Pop have indeed been erased in this new age. There is an absolute plethora of kpop artists in 2022. The fourth-generation kpop groups we love here at Epicwin are Ateez, Aespa, Stray Kidz, and TXT to name just a few. I’m sure you love them too. Kpop is now worldwide and we think it is here to stay. It’s fair to say that you now know what Generation in Kpop is BTS  and you also got some kpop generation history for free.  Bada Bing! Check out these kpop gifs!

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