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Need help picking what anime to watch?  And you wanna do it with a quiz yeah? Welcome to our “What Anime Should I watch Quiz”. It’s more of a personality quiz than a standard quiz. It’s simple really. We get to know you and then make a choice for you. Sounds simple and straight forward right? We know how hard it is when you think you’ve watched all the anime in existence. When in true fact you’ve watched everything on Netflix. Not everything everywhere. If you wanted to have a quick run-through of how to play our Anime Film Quiz then keep reading. if you feel you are ready, hit the big red button below. 

What Anime Should You Watch???

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Your task in our “What anime should I watch Quiz” is simple. You will have ten questions to answer in this quiz. Each question will be specifically about you and your personality. The more truthful you answer, the better your results will be. There is no wrong or right answer. Just be truthful. If you feel you need a bit of help before starting the quiz keep reading. Weve always got your back here at Epicwin.

Anime Deep Dive

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According to The Association of Japanese Animation, the Japanese anime industry earned a record $17.7 billion in sales in 2016, an increase of under 10% from the previous year and the culmination of seven years of successive growth (AJA). The national box office of anime movies increased by 14% and the overall foreign revenues were about a third higher than the previous year. Why is anime so successful, then? It cant be all because of Pokemon 😁

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Anime and manga have been at the core of Japanese society for a long time with a steady generational surge of fame. The success of anime and its comic versions, manga have increased significantly in Britain and in the United States in recent years.

One of several primary reasons why anime has withstood the test of time and risen in popularity around the world is its remarkable capacity to develop or evolve with its audiences. Takamasa Sakurai, a well-known anime expert, believes that the genre has gained popularity due to its unorthodox nature: “Japanese anime shattered the assumption that anime is just something that children watch.” International anime fans say they love the complexity of the plots, with the ends being impossible to guess since anime is mostly aimed at adults. We hope you are getting ready to play our what anime to watch quiz. It’s waiting for you. Love pokemon?

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Many children in the United States and the UK have grown up watching anime TV shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Naruto to name a few.  Kids may not have realized they were watching Japanese anime at the time, but the success of the shows ensured that it developed a soft spot in their hearts for this genre of TV. 

With the rise of the internet and online platforms such as Netflix, HULU and a few others. Anime has become even more available and welcoming for adults looking to rekindle their childhoods with more age-appropriate anime films.

Anime has grown in popularity outside of Japan in recent years, owing to a declining Japanese population and a growth in output trade. As a result, anime creators have begun to create programming that is better tailored to Western tastes, as well as making anime overseas because it is much cheaper to produce outside of Japan. Successful anime creators such as Tezuka are now producing and pushing for their content to be sold on a global scale. Offtopic – Plenty of great quizzes are waiting for you here. 

What anime to watch?

So here comes the million-dollar question, what Anime should you watch after our quiz?  Anime is readily available to stream online through services such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix. Dragon Ballz? Naruto? Here are some of the EpicWin crew’s favorite Anime movies. Attack on Titan – This story is set in a world where humans live in cities enclosed by high walls that shield them from titans.

 Eren Yeager joins the military and swears to fight the titans in order to avenge his mother. Naruto is one of the main characters of this anime series. A Nine-Tailed Demon Fox brutalized the villagers until Naruto, the village’s king, gave his life to seal the demon into a baby. Don’t forget to check out our other quizzes. We feel all you need to do is play the quiz now. So you can answer that question, what anime should I watch quiz. Goodluck

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