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What you know about Western Europe?

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Welcome to our Western Europe Map Quiz. If you have been looking for a map quiz that is more engaging and fun to play. Well, we would like to inform you that you have arrived at your destination. We have crafted an epic geography map quiz for you. But let me ask you this, do you know what countries make up western Europe? To give you an idea, we have created questions based on the following countries. 

The United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal to name a few.  We all love a good geography quiz here at EpicWin. We know our team member who created the quiz (Emma) enjoyed creating it. She did say she thinks it would confuse a few people, especially if they don’t know what the countries looked like on a map in the first place. Either way, we know you will enjoy playing our western Europe map quiz.

What is this Map quiz about?

what is this quiz about

Your task in this western Europe map quiz is to guess correctly the names of the countries that you will be shown in each question. You will also have to do the same for the Eastern Europe Quiz. You will be shown 15 country map cut-outs. From there, your job will be to guess from a multiple choice of answers, the name of the country. You will also get questions that will ask you to name the capital cities of certain western European countries. So not only do you need to know the shape of the country outline. 

You also need to know a few capital cities of these countries. Your geography trivia game needs to be on point. Western Europe is made up of so many powerful and influential countries. You more than likely know a few of them and their capital cities. I wonder what country London is the capital off? What about Lisbon?  This quiz is your chance to test yourself and show us how much a Quizmaster you are. This western Europe map quiz is quite similar to our South and East Asia Map quizzes. As well as our America Map Quiz. It also takes parts from our Capital of the world quiz, with the questions that you get asked about capital cities. 

How to Play this Quiz?

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This western europe map quiz has been classed as EASY by the Epicwin team. It was classed as easy because most of the general public have heard about or know of the countries in Western Europe. So there is a good chance most of you who play this will get a decent amount of questions correct. But only a select few will be able to get all the questions correct. They will be crowned EpicWin Quiz Masters. You will have fifteen questions to answer. Each question has a maximum of four answers to choose from. For each question, there is only one correct answer.  If an incorrect answer is given you will not be able to advance to the next question until you answer the current question correctly. If you answer a question correctly, you will be redirected to a happy place. If you answer incorrectly you will be redirected to the sad screen. 

Western Europe Country Facts

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, aka the United Kingdom (UK or U.K.) or Britain, is a sovereign country situated off the north­western coast of the European mainland. The total area of the United Kingdom is 240,000 km^2 (94,000 square miles). The United Kingdom includes the north­eastern part of the island of Ireland, the island of Great Britain and several smaller islands. Northern Ireland shares a land border with the Republic of Ireland; otherwise, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the English Channel to the south and the Celtic Sea to the southwest, the North Sea to the east, giving it the twelfth longest coastline in the world.

More Brit Facts

The Brits invented the first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system, back in 1840. The ‘Penny Black’ had a picture of Queen Victoria on it, and as the name suggests, cost one penny. Before that time, it was usually the recipient who paid the postage price, which varied according to how far the letter had traveled. Key facts to remember for our western Europe map quiz. 

The UK’s coasts are famous around the world, from stunning winding walks and clifftop landscapes to golden sandy beaches. Indeed, England alone boasts more than 60 beaches with the coveted ‘blue flag’ status. While the weather in the UK isn’t always great, if you do find a sunny day you’ll never be far from a great day out – nowhere in England is more than 75 miles from the sea.


A fun fact about Spain is that although Spanish is the majority language, Spain has 4 co-official languages. They are Catalan, Basque, Galician and Aranese​. There is other Romance minority languages, though not official, that have special recognition, such as the Astur-Leonese group (bable) and Aragonese (aragonés) in Aragon.​ You can think of it as English and French in Canada.

spain flag

Spain – or the Kingdom of Spain, to give the country it’s official title – is the second-largest country in the European Union after France. It measures up at around 506,000 square kilometers if you include the Canary Islands and the Spanish territories along the North African coastline.

The Spanish national anthem has no words. If you listen to anthems only on the Olympics, this may not sound that bizarre to you, but in reality, most national anthems do have lyrics. In fact, besides “Marcha Real”, only the anthems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and San Marino have no official lyrics.

We hope you have found our short and sweet western Europe facts interesting today. We think that it’s probably time you showed us what you know in our western Europe map quiz. Be sure to check out our other geography quizzes. Do us a favor and hit the big green button below, lets get this show on the road.