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Welcome to our Epic Warrior Cats quiz. You are more than likely here because you also share the same love for the warrior cats as we do. We have been following them since the first books came out in 2003. We are all fans of Thunderclan,  it must be the best clan right? With an amazing leader like Bramblestar, it’s easy to see why they are the best. Very biased we know but which clans do like the most?  Quick question, know much about anime?

We decided to create the quiz once we found very few options online to play a warrior cats quiz and learn about the series at the same time. We have managed to mold learning about the Warrior cats and playing a fun quiz together. If you feel ready to play the quiz hit the big red button above. If you want to learn more about the quiz keep reading. Don’t forget our bikini bottom boat trip

Warrior Cats Quiz Tips

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Your job in this epic quiz is to show us how much you know overall about the Warrior Cats series. We have specifically covered books from across the whole series as we wanted to find the true super fan who can answer all of our questions correctly. Our quiz has a staggering 27 questions for you to answer. Currently, we have the most questions above ALL OTHER warrior cats quizzes online. This was done because there is so much to cover in the series and there will be a part two. So make sure you got your Warrior Cats cap on because you will be tested today! Oh by the way, StarTrek fan by any chance?

Warrior Cats History

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Warrior Cats Quiz

If you’re new to the Warrior Cats universe, you may be feeling a little confused by the prospect of such a large series with so many personalities and storylines. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a helpful list of stuff you should know about the book series before you begin reading. Warrior Cats have a large list of cast members, with over a thousand named characters. Fortunately, each book includes an Allegiances section that includes a list of all relevant characters as well as a brief outline of each. Wanna try something different, try Naruto or maybe Greys Anatomy?

Warrior Cats Books

warrior cats books

The Warriors series currently has over 70 published novels. Many of the super editions, prequels, sequels, and side plots can make reading the books a little complicated. Fortunately, we’ve made a great warrior cats quiz for you to get stuck into.

Vacancy alert – Looking for Pirates!

All the Clan names consist of a prefix and a suffix, with the prefix allocated at birth and the suffix varying depending on the cat’s rank. Kits have the suffix -kit, apprentices have the suffix -paw, leaders have the suffix -star, and warriors have a special suffix depending on their style, character, or something else important to them. Off topic, have you met Rick yet?


The Warriors’ cats are really not the gentle, fuzzy household pets you would imagine. These cats must face defeat, betrayal, death, hunger, and other perils, so they must always have the bravery of warriors to do so. The Warrior Code is a series of rules that governs all five Clans. This code is central to whatever the Clans do, and breaching it can have dire implications. You might be shocked to hear that Erin Hunter is a pen name for many writers. Don’t forget to check out our space-related quizzes and our funny quizzes.  

Warrior Cats Trivia hints & Tips

Cats in Warriors are unable to understand the human voice, so they have their own words for various beings and items that vary from ours, including man-made objects. Humans are called two-legs, domestic cats are called kitty-pets, then wait for this one… roads are called thunder-paths, what a lovely language. Unfortunately, the series has both victory and heartbreak. Cats do die, and each battle waged or disease contracted may mean the end of a favorite character. A key fact to remember if you want to ace our Warrior Cats Quiz…

Prophecies are always offered to the Clans by their predecessors, but the implications of these prophecies are not always immediately apparent. You’ll have to keep reading to find out how fire is meant to save a Clan or how the lake turning red would help. Many cats in the Warriors community believe that only wild-born cats have the courage and bravery to thrive in the wild. But, as the books repeatedly demonstrate, it shouldn’t matter where you come from; what matters is what you do and how much loyalty you want to express. Don’t forget we have other cool quizzes as well as some new ones

The Warrior Code is significant, but it is not always correct. A true hero does what they think is fair, even though it means going against their Clan and their code, regardless of the risks to themselves. Warrior Cats value loyalty above everything else, and each cat is required to continue loyalty to their Clan above all else. However, mates can be found around continents, and finding a true friend in a moment of need is often worth breaking the rules for. Wouldnt it be great if there was a Warrior Cats Movie. We could make a great movie quiz about it. 

Well, we hope you feel ready to take on our Warrior Cats Quiz. We admit it won’t be easy if you have never read it, but you can still give it a try.  Make sure to check out our SpongeBob quiz for a more easy quiz. Or if you’re feeling a bit seasick head over here. If you love anime, check this & this out. Looking for some serious action, check out Naruto. Goodluck

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