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What do you know about the NBA?

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Welcome to probably the best NBA Quiz you could find today :). Now, this is a quiz that was made to test your overall knowledge of the NBA and key moments in its history. If you are a casual follower of the NBA you should be able to get a few of the questions correct. If you follow the NBA week in week out, this will be quite an easy basketball quiz for you. How well do you think you could do on our all nba teams quiz? This is one of our top nba quizzes 2023.

If you played our NBA logo quiz you will know what most of these teams’ logos look like. Your general basketball knowledge is what will help you with this NBA trivia. Daryl one of the team members at EpicWin created this quiz. A few of us got stuck on question 10, let’s see if you can get past it? Don’t forget our other NBA quizzes. As said before this one is our top NBA quizzes 2023.

What is this basketball quiz about?

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Your task in this NBA Quiz is to answer multiple-choice questions about its history, the NBA seasons, NBA players, and many more NBA-related things. Due to the NBA having been around for so many decades, we decided to only use key moments in its history. So we won’t be asking you stuff that no one would know. We really need you to get this NBA quiz fully correct. If you want to check out any other sports quizzes, check out the hub page. Don’t forget to check our all NBA teams quiz and our NBA 10 man rotation quiz.


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Our NBA quiz has been given a rating of Moderate by the EpicWin team. There are quite a few questions that are fairly easy and straightforward. nba quizes However, there is still a large majority of questions that you will need to know NBA history to have any chance of getting them correct. You will have 15 questions to answer in our nba quiz multiple choice. Each question has four answers to choose from in this nba fan test. Ready for our basketball quiz? Or maybe you want to try our all nba teams quiz? This quiz was ranked top nba quizzes 2023.

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Each question has one correct answer. If you answer correctly, you will be shown a correct answer flag. If you answer incorrectly, you will be sent to the NBA Quiz hall of shame. When you answer incorrectly, you will be able to advance to the next question. However, when you get to the end of the quiz, you will be shown all of the questions that you got wrong. You will then be given the chance to answer each question until you get them all correct. Then you complete the quiz. Make sure you check out our NBA MVP Quiz and also try out the  ATP Tennis quiz before this NBA quiz multiple choice. Its nearly nba trivia time!

NBA Short History

Getting You Ready for our NBA Trivia in 2023

The NBA was formed in 1949 and started off with just 17 teams. Fast forward to today, and there are 30 teams in the NBA spanning across central and north America. nba quizs The original “Teams of the era” always ruled the NBA from its inception. The then Minneapolis Lakers with player George Mikan controlled the NBA in its early years. Getting you ready for our nba trivia questions. Top nba quizes. 

Offtopic – Ever watched Lebron live? Let’s carry on… The Lakers received five NBA titles between 1948 and 1954. Michael Jordan‘s Chicago Bulls gained prominence in the 1990s, winning six championships throughout the period. Fast forward to the 2000s, the Lakers were once again dominating, capturing five championships. Only the 1970s and 2010s saw no club win at least four NBA championships, but the Golden State Warriors came close in the 2010s by winning three. How many nba trivia questions you think you could get correct? nba quizes

Magic Johnson

magic johnson

The rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird was essential in increasing the popularity of the NBA and the sport of basketball mostly in the 1980s. These basketball squads dominated the era due to their rivalries. Due to this competition, a growing interest in the NBA began to spread in the United States. TV contracts and another round of expansions also followed. Money literally came flying in. Key facts to remember for our NBA Quiz. What do you think about Kyrie Irving? That’s just one of our nba trivia questions. This quiz was our top nba trivia 2023.

The 1990s was an era of greatness for Michael Jordan. This guy is probably featured in all NBA quizzes online. He’s even got his own quiz on our site. Michael Jordan quiz. Anyway back to the history. Not a single professional league player has had the widespread impact of this man. Since Jordan joined the NBA, the league has had its best year and Jordan might as well have been greater than the whole NBA league. If Jordan never had retired for two years, he may well have collected more NBA championships. Know many NBA players with funny last names? NBA quiz easy. Epic NBA quizzes

End of the Jordan Era

Following the end of the Jordan era, NBA rosters saw an upsurge in overseas players entering the league. During the 2000s, NBA players from other countries kept popping into the nba and began to find glory, like Dirk Nowitzki. NBA players quiz 2023, all nba teams quiz. NBA quiz 2023

Oversees Players

Overseas players made up over 20% of the NBA’s squad for the beginning of the 2013–2014 campaign. Beginning the 2017–18 season, the number of foreign players increased to 108, covering 42 various nations, for at least the fourth year in a row. Igor Kokoškov will become the first Euro head coach for an NBA franchise in 2018, succeeding Jay Triano who had served as the interim manager for the Suns since late 2017. Hope you are taking notes getting ready for our NBA Quiz? NBA knowledge quiz 2023

Unlike the other three main North American pro sports leagues, the NBA follows the interconference rotation and each team plays all other teams in the league in the regular season. NBA quizs Each year, every squad invites and returns to every other team. Well, we think that’s more than enough history for one day guys. We have given you more than enough facts to get started there. Jump into our NBA Quiz now and show us how much you know. Don’t forget we have other great quizzes, we have a Stephen quiz, kevin durant quiz, and the legend Kobe.  Hit the big green button and enjoy our NBA quiz multiple choice. Good luck, it’s now time for NBA trivia. Easily one of our top NBA quizzes. Epic nba quiz 2023