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Know Many Food Logos?


Welcome to our Food Logo Quiz. You are here more than likely because you class yourself as a person who knows a lot about food brand logos. In which case you have come to the right place. We have a very engaging food logo quiz for you, to test your knowledge on. There are many different forms of food logo quizzes out there. 

We are very biased in saying ours knocks them out of the water. Mainly because our quizzes are “EPIC”. Do you know the difference between Burgerking and the McDonalds Logo? You would be surprised to know that quite a few of our readers have failed to know this difference. Check out our other quizzes

What is this quiz about?

what is this quiz about

Now many of you have been seen food logos at some point in your life. Some of you would have been exposed to a few popular logos hundreds of times compared to others. It usually just depends where you live and what you are exposed to. Here at EpicWin all of us have been exposed to the logos in our food logo quiz.

We feel you could class this as an easy quiz. Mainly due to the fact it’s all widely known food logos. We have made sure that we include logos that span over a generation or two. So don’t fear, you will not be seeing any logos from the 1950s. The logos will be ones you should be able to recognize with no issues. Don’t forget to check out the hub page for more exciting quizzes

How to play this Food Logo Quiz?

Now then onto the quiz… This Food logo quiz is split up into twenty questions to answer. Each question has a choice of four answers to select from. No more than one answer is correct. Once you’re sure of the answer you select it and click next. 

how to play this quiz

If you get any questions wrong throughout the quiz you will be redirected to the beginning of the quiz, to start over again. Even if you get to question 20 wrong and have got all the previous questions correct, you will have to start the quiz again. So you have to be 100% of your answer before you select it.

We aimed to make the quiz quite large by taking it to 50+ questions. A few of the team members decided against it in the end. This was mainly due to the strategy we used within the quiz. We hated the fact we had to repeat the quiz from the beginning if we got one question wrong. In the same light, it added a sense of competition where only the people who answer correctly are truly EpicWinners. Once complete let’s see if you can fill in the blank

Food Logo Interesting Facts

Getting you ready for
our Food Logo Quiz

Does it all depend on the logo? … Yes It all depends on the logo. First, you have to view the logo of a fast food business to evaluate the quality of the meal. Even if anything makes your product or service look undesirable, you may not offer your money to that restuarant or brand.

i love pizza

Fast food and snack chains frequently use rebranding to adjust their logos. Entrepreneurdotcom thinks that a company’s growth and branding efforts are mutually reinforcing, and rebranding is a critical strategy in that regard. It’s not unusual for new logos to make sense. In addition, a picture may be obsolete, especially if it is no longer relevant. Connecting with new customers is a great method to build new clientele.

A company’s brand identity is developed by a long-term strategic marketing plan that helps clients distinguish your brand and your products amongst competitors in your sector. It serves as a way for individuals to select a particular brand, above all the other brands will be encountered in supermarkets, food stalls, and many other shopping areas. A logo is one of the branding elements brands employ effectively. Don’t worry you’ve not walked into the marketing for dummies course. RANDOM – Ever wondered how you will die? We still gt a food logo quiz coming your way. 

We are fans of the food brands we like, and these businesses have renamed throughout time. This is apparent in their method of marketing, as well as how they create goods and their company logo. Studying what they do will teach us many things. Other well-known food brands’ identities have improved, and in some cases, their identities have been completely overhauled. Let’s find out about a few companies and whether they have changed their logos over time.

Brand Logo Histrory

Wendy's Logo


Ever been to Wendy’s? Its logo is hte same girl with red hair. It has been on the Wendy’s emblem even after the image was somewhat redesigned in 2013. Have you seen the message buried in the logo following the rebranding? Observe the girl’s collar, and you’ll see that it reads out “Mom” in the middle. Wendy’s has categorically rejected any ulterior motives for including the term “Mom” in the chain’s logo collar. Even though they dispute it, it is impossible to refute the fact that their burgers come with square patties.

Oreo Logo

oreo logo

The style of the Oreo logo has changed multiple times throughout the years. What is apparent is that the firm has included different fonts in its style. The more contemporary and lighter color tone of Oreo was introduced through the calligraphic and darker color scheme in the old design. Different hues of blue were used to give the logo more depth. These guys are also featured in our food logo quiz, and they taste nice. Win win!

Burgerking Logo


Though there have been some modifications to the Burger King logo over the years, the earliest one is absolutely unidentifiable. However these days, the Whopper is no longer front and center. While it may initially appear as though “Burger” and “King” are two beef burgers, it is really two beef burgers hidden under the current logo. As they began to became more successful and launched the Whopper, their logo is a lot less crowded than it was in the early ’50s when they were more obscure.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read and get this far. We think you are more than ready to take on our food logo quiz. Let’s hope you don’t feel hungry afterward. Dont forget we have other logo quizzes, we have an easy logo quiz and a Hard NBA logo game. Do us a favor and smash the big green button below. Let’s get started!