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Welcome to the Epicwin NinjaTurtles Quiz. We have long been Ninja turtles fan in the Epicwin team and have been watching them since the early 90s. We all preferred the 90s version of the turtles and felt it was a bit more edgy than the current Ninja Turtles. But we know you’re not here to give us your opinions on 90s Turtles vs 2000s Ninja Turtles. 

You are here for an amazing quiz that will take you all the way back to the days when Turtles that walked on two feet and did Karate were normal. Let’s find out how you can ace our SICK Turtles quiz below. Don’t forget the online quizzes hub. 

Ninja Turtles Quiz Tips

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Your job in our quiz is to show us how much you know about the Ninja Turtles. You will have twenty questions to answer about the Ninja Turtles. Each question will have four answers to select from. There will be only one correct answer for each question.  This is a quiz that anyone who has watched the Turtles a few times should be able to enjoy and get all the questions correct. Offtopic – know Familyguy? If you feel you need a bit of help before starting the quiz, keep reading to learn more about the amazing Ninja Turtles. Easily one of the best tv show quizzes we have done. 

Ninja Turtles History

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The Ninja Turtles are a fantasy superhero ensemble of teenage animated turtle ninjas that star in a series of comics, children’s cartoon TV shows, movies, as well as other merchandise. The turtles were developed in a 1980s  comic book by the artist pair P Laird and K Eastman, who called the four turtles after Italian artists and illustrated their stories in Mirage Studio’s graphic novels. The turtles were taught the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu by their adopted dad, Splinter, a rat sensei, created to give kids nightmares that’s for sure. Key facts if you want to ace out Ninja turtles trivia game.

First Ninja Turtles Comic

first ninja turtles edition

The Mutant Ninja Turtles made their debut in a United states comic book released by Mirage Studios in 1984. The idea came from a satirical drawing created by Eastman after a relaxed evening of creative thinking and watching bad tv with Laird.  The talented pair decided to publish on their own a one-issue comic designed to imitate the most famous comic books of the early 1980s.

When a licensed consultant, Mark Freedman, approached Eastman and Laird about expanding the franchise’s merchandise sales possibilities, the Turtles’ commercial success truly began. Dark Horse Minis released a package of 15-mm (approximately 0.6 inches) lead sculptures in 1986. Eastman and Laird paid a visit to the headquarters of Playmates Toys, a fledgling California toys manufacturer looking to grow into the action-figure sector, in January 1987. A design team of individuals and companies worked on the project All in all it was a success for the brand. We hope you know your turtle’s history because it will be tested in our “Ninja Turtles Quiz”. For now, continue reading more about these crazy turtles. Don’t forget our pokemon quiz

Ninja Turtles Series (1997–1998)

first turtles tv show

In 1997 our favorite Turtles appeared in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, a live-action tv show that closely followed the developments of the first 3 films. Venus de Milo, a female trained in the ancient practices of the shinobi, was added as the 5th turtle.

The show was supposed to be a casual progression of the film series, as Shredder was already conquered and the Ninja Turtles faced new enemies. Other links to the blockbuster movies include Splinter’s ear being severed, the Foot Soldiers are humans, and the Turtles living in the deserted subway station used in the 2nd and 3rd films.

Second Animated Series (2003–2009)

A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series debuted on the FOX cable TV broadcasting block in 2003. It was later relocated to the “The CW4Kids” section. 

Mirage Studios co-produced the project, and Mirage held 1/3 of the copyright to it. Mirage’s considerable investment in artistic influence culminated in a cartoon that is much more faithful to the original series, producing a deeper and grittier tone than the 1987 animation while being kid-friendly enough to be deemed suitable for kids. Key Ninja Turtles Quiz facts.

That series continued until 2009 when it was followed by a tv movie named “Turtles Forever”, which has been created in association with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ anniversary celebration

Third Animated Series (2012–2017)

Mirage Group as well as 4Kids Entertainment Inc. sold the international rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Nickelodeon, which released a new CGI-animated TMNT tv show. The 2012 series is distinguished by anime-like imagery and focuses on mutagen continuing to cause problems on the Turtles’ and their foes’ daily lives. Dont you just think Online quizzes are great?. 

 The mood of this version is closer to the original TMNT series, but it does have a couple of serious stories. The show lasted five seasons. Ciro Nieli, the developer of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, was in charge of the show.

By the way, Pirates, what you think to them? Well, we hope you now feel a bit more like you fully understand who and what the Ninja Turtles are. Our Ninja Turtles Quiz will for sure confuse some of you when you get past question them. Don’t forget our other TV Quizzes or film quizzes. Don’t forget our DBZ quiz.  We hope you enjoy the quiz. Goodluck.

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