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Welcome to the Epicwin NBA Shoe Quiz. We are so glad you are here to show us how much of a sneaker geek you are. We have put together one of the trickiest NBA shoe quizzes ever. We went deep with this quiz and made sure we didn’t just go for the normal well known NBA shoes. So don’t expect this to be a walk in the park.  Offtopic – Love kobe bryant? 

We all know how much NBA Shoes, Sneakers or Basketball shoes have been a core element of basketball and the NBA. How much of a basketball fan are you? Many NBA players have their own signature sneaker. MJ had Air Jordan…. We want you to show us which ones you know. To learn more about the quiz keep reading below. If you feel ready to begin the quiz then hit the big red button above. 

NBA Shoe Trivia Hints & Tips

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You’re task in our version of a Basketball Shoe Quiz, is to show us how much you know about NBA players and their signature NBA shoes. You will have to match each NBA signature shoe we show you to the NBA player that you will be shown. You will have twenty questions to answer before you can be crowned an NBA Quiz Master. 

Each question has four answers to select from. There will only be one correct answer for each question. If you do not know what NBA Shoes, Sneakers are then. You are in luck today because he have put together a crafty guide to help you navigate the NBA Shoe Quiz Forest.

Learn more about NBA Shoes

Getting you ready for the Quiz

A decent pair of sneakers can help players improve their technical skills while also lowering their risk of injury. Since there is such a strong demand for high-end basketball sneakers or NBA Shoes, the most valuable sneakers are costly and in short supply. Some high-end NBA Shoes, such as the Air Jordan XX8, are several hundred bucks. Finally, the right basketball shoes provide athletes with additional ankle protection, comfort, and traction. These are things you need to know if you are to succeed at our NBA shoe trivia.

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This type of shoe has the potential to reduce the speed-burst capacity needed for fast-break scenarios.  Mid-top sneakers end at the ankle, allowing players to maximize for more speed, but they have less balance than high-tops. Low-top sneakers provide the smallest ankle protection but are the thinnest style of sneakers. Low-top basketball shoes would allow players to make the most of their pace and agility.

The NBA has been riddled with branded shoes from many of the league’s most popular players ever since Walt “Clyde” Frazier became the first player to get his sneaker into NBA and stores. You could say he is the reason you are playing our NBA Shoe Quiz today.

Top Players with signutre Sneakers
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 A few of the highest-quality basketball shoes in shoewear history have come from top players’ trademarked brands, including players like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James to name a few.

The Most Expensive NBA Sneakers

Below is a gallery of new NBA signature sneakers ranging in EXPENSIVE prices and back to the most EXPENSIVE, as well as which players are wearing which shoes.

Air Jordan Types for Noobs

While Michael Jordan’s NBA shoe is currently the most popular the NBA has ever seen and will certainly be seeing, there have been plenty of young stars who have managed to win a sponsorship contract with one of America’s biggest sports footwear companies. 

There have been 16 players with their own branded shoe at the beginning of the 2020-21 NBA season, and several stars have developed innovative iterations of their range in the first month of play. Offtopic – Heard of KD? Key things to remember for this basketball shoe quiz.

The most recent example was Damian Lillard’s antagonistic the latest Adidas NBA shoe, which alluded to his 50-point effort that eliminated the Oklahoma City Thunder out from the 2019 playoffs.

Kyrie Irving, LeBron’s former teammate, is also one of the several NBA stars who have their own NBA shoe signature style, and he has a contract with Nike as well. The Kyrie 7 shoe was released last year and has also recently been updated to commemorate the Chinese New Year.

 Kevin Durant and James Harden, Irving’s teammates on the Brooklyn Nets, each have their own shoes as well. The latter has a contract with Nike’s main competitor, Adidas, which has just revealed the arrival of the Harden Vol.5.

Well, we hope you are now more than ready to give our NBA Shoe Quiz a try. We have made sure you can get at least a few questions correct after reading this. However, after question 7 you’re on your own. Then we get to see if you really a Sneaker King or Queen. Don’t forget the online quiz hub.   We know you are gonna love this one, enjoy the Quiz!

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