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NBA Player last names?

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Welcome to our NBA Last Name quiz. We hope you’ve got you’re thinking caps today because you will be tested hard today. We know you love the NBA and we know you have a team that you would do absolutely anything for. But do you know the last names of all the players on that team? 

Sure you would know the top players, but could you name the whole roster’s first and last names? Well, today you will have the opportunity to show us how good you really are at remembering players’ last names. Ready to find out how to play the quiz? Offtopic, know much about NBA stadiums?

NBA Last Name Quiz Tips

how to play this quiz

Your job in our NBA Last name quiz is to guess the name of all of the NBA players we show you in our quiz. You ideally need to be an NBA fan who watches many matches throughout the season. These kinds of people will do well in our NBA last name quiz. You will have twenty questions to answer in this quiz. Each question will have four answers to choose from. Only one answer will be correct for each question, so make sure you get it right okay! If you are looking for a bit of advice before you get stuck into the quiz keep reading. 

NBA Players Last Name

Getting you ready for our Epic NBA Quiz

In their careers, basketball athletes are still given nicknames, it’s very normal. A nickname is given to anyone who makes a magnificent dunk or amazes audiences with their on-court stunts, for some other reason. Here are some NBA players with funny names and maybe also funny last names. 

Funny Last Name

carlos boozer funny last name quiz

Carlos Boozer is a basketball player who has quite the funny last name. At the present, he is a member of the (CBA). He has participated in Team USA, winning an Olympic bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics. He has played with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz, The Chicago Bulls, and LA Lakers, and was a two-time NBA All-Star. It also serves to prove that having a quirky last name ain’t gonna stop you from succeeding. Key facts to remember for our NBA last name quiz.

Christmas as a Last Name

Dionte Christmas is another NBA player with an interesting first name. You guaranteed to think of him at least once a year, better yet, he might be featuring in our NBA player last name quiz. Back to Christmas…, Christmas, what a last nme. He has played basketball outside of the NBA than he has inside the league. He ended up signing only with 76ers but had been cut and signed with Hapoel Afula only for the remainder of the 2009 campaign. He went on to play for a variety of Soviet, French, and Italian teams after that.

Udohis as a Last Name

nba player last name quiz

Ekpe Udohis another NBA Player with a great last name. Remember his name for the quiz. It’s important to note that Ekpe is merely a nickname. Currently, his official title is Ekpedeme Friday. Now, that’s a strong name. We forgot to tell you he has a height of 7’4 12′′ He’s a seriously remarkable player.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo

I can assure you, we will never be able to pronounce his name. Giannis is indeed a Greek professional basketball player who was born in Lagos, Nigeria. That does make his name make more sense . His name is a TV announcer’s dream. Or it could also be opposite. Giannis features in our nba last name quiz.

God Shammgod

No, we’re not making it up; that’s the name of this old NBA player. Shammgod was chosen by the Washington Wizards in the 2nd round (17th selection) of the 1997 Draft, and he played professionally mostly during 1997–98 season. He has played for  Shanxi yujun, which is located in China’s north-central region. This is his most recent team in China, having played for the Shanxi and Zhejiang Cyclones, and other teams in the Chinese Basketball League. As a professional, he has also been spotted in Poland & Saudi.

Longar Longar

He was named twice in the same city: that city must be really great. “Of course we’re talking about New York City.” While, in point of fact, we are indeed speaking of a single individual with the same first and surname, Don’t let the term scare you; his height and athleticism have more than enough to make up for his stature. Remember him for our  NBA Last name quiz. 

Tree Rollins

Tree Rollins

The “Intimidator” moniker followed Rollins throughout his playing career, but the Tree nickname apparently did since he’s a 7-foot-1-inch 275-pound centre player.

World B. Free

Possibly the greatest nickname around. It turns out that his friends used to call him “World” due to his 360-degree dunks and 44-inch vertical jump. While there’s no disputing his tendency to take big risks and play flashy, he is also recognised for it. He modified his first name to “World” in 1981, the day before his 28th birthday. Lloyd was the first child to be born to his parents. Great last name, is it in our nba last name quiz? play it to find out.

NBA Funnies

Were you aware that Walter Ray Allen, Jr. is Ray Allen’s full name? Possibly you might. Ray isn’t the only one in the NBA in using his middle name as his first name. Several NBA players are referred to by their middle names, mostly because they shared the last name from their relatives, or due to their parents being inventive nickname callers, or simply because they dislike their first names. 

Well, hope you have enjoyed learning about NBA players and their funny last names.  Make sure you check our MVP Quiz, our hard logo quiz, and the easy NBA logo quiz. You should be able to complete our epic NBA Player Last Name quiz. Goodluck.

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