kpop quotes from songs

KPop Quotes from Songs

Are you ready to learn about the best KPop quotes from songs today? Despite the fact that many K-Pop songs are cheerful and positive, this does not imply that they are devoid of meaningful content. Music fans are aware that the genre has a wide range of sounds and abilities that may inspire us in difficult times. 

Listen out to some of the most wonderful and motivating lyrics in K-Pop songs – while this is obviously not a complete list of all the KPop songs ever made. Of course, there will be hundreds more songs worthy of the moniker “beautiful”! Now then are you ready to find out our top KPop song quotes from songs. 

Popular KPop song Quotes Questions

In our opinion we think “Wow, Fantastic Baby!” – BIGBANG’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ is easily the most iconic line in Kpop.

  1. “No Other” by Super Junior.

Followed by

2. “Gentleman” by PSY

1. ‘Butterfly’ by BTS

Followed by

2. ‘Will be back’ by Im Sun Hae

When it comes to knowing what’s the easiest KPop song to sing too,  you need to know what your favourite KPop artists are. As well as knowing which songs you think you could sing too. Here are a few ideas…

  1. BTS – Springday, now this song is quite easy to sing if youre beginner. There is also a version that was made for thier fans. 
  2.  Twice – Dance the Night Away. This one is quite easy to learn, a few of the epicwin crew know how to sing this one. 
  3.  IKON – Love scenario. This one is well known for being in high demand with many people learning how to sing. 

These three songs should get you started with figuring out what is the easiest kpop song to sing. We hope you enjoyed our KPop Quotes from Songs article. 

Our Top 12 Kpop Quotes from Songs

1. ONEUS – ‘Luna’

“As I wandering around looking for you
The flowers that you inadvertently pass over
Are so pretty, that flower was you
It goes out quickly and blows like a cold wind
That blows away like dust
Petals that are almost reachable by hand
Come to me again”

It’s clear that they are talking about a lover who they are yearning and looking for. These kpop lyrics or quotes are short.

By using traditional Korean instruments (evoking their previous song Lit) and adding the band’s knack for evocative narrative, Oneus return to their roots with “Luna,” their first full-length album. ’80s synthwave-inspired trap beats and strings of the gayageum create a careful balance between the old and new. Offtopic – Love a cool Kpop quiz by any chance? Let’s continue looking into KPop Quotes from Songs.

2. Joy – ‘Hello’

“Your tears will lead to a beautiful love

Don’t be sad, today’s a new day

Get ready to welcome it Ooh ooh

Hello, sunny days”

These kpop lyrics quotes are short. They are basically saying your pain is not long-lived. At some point things will get better. And when they do, welcome the good times. Kpop lyrics quotes short, but short lyrics doesn’t take away from the meaning of the lyrics. 

Reimagining classic tunes from the ’90s and ’00s, Joy’s debut solo mini-album is full of a contemporary chill and lots of brass. With its euphoric optimism typical of the early eighties, “Hello” hits you hard and fast like a memorable non life threatening heart attack.

3. Rain – "Love Song" Third top KPop song Quote

I no longer have your breath here with me

But I am still loving you

It’s clear that rain is talking about missing someone and still being in love with them… Now this is a great kpop song quotes for instagram

It’s no surprise that Love Song didn’t become as big a hit like other songs but it’s still one of his most recognizable songs. That’s in large part because of his much-copied shirt-lifting routine, but the tune itself isn’t bad either. The slow-burning intensity of the tune Love Song makes full use of Rain’s silky voice, with delicate instrumentation and seductive r&b beats accompanying his delivery.


A beautiful, a beautiful love

I’ve never felt it before

So, where you at? I’m waiting (ASAP!)

This song is about women are in their prime who are looking for love. Offtopic, but when was the last time you went to a kpop concert?

With their first single “So Bad,” debut album, and subsequent single “ASAP,” STAYC surprised us all with their catchy, upbeat pop single “ASAP.” Listening to a second time around, the enchanting, flute-like synthesizers begin to seem even more appealing and appealing. What is wrong with you by the third song if you are not dancing and singing along to the chorus?

5. Hoshi – ‘Spider’

I want too stay here with you here

Countless attractions I can’t escape

Pretend to hate it baby, I still like it baby

This song is about a person who cannot escape the love they have for another person. You can for sure class this as one of those kpop songs with deep meaning.

“Spider,” Hoshi’s first solo tune, is a clear indication of the rising super star, Hoshi has become since joining SEVENTEEN. Seductive R&B and dazzling synthesizers meet welcoming vocals and evocative lyrics in this song, which was crafted by the SEVENTEEN Production Team’s leader personally and has a story-infused dancing. Great song to be in our KPop Quotes from Songs list. Easily top aesthetic kpop lyrics quotes.

6. BTS – "Spring Day" KPop song Quote

“Yes, I hate you, you left me

But I never stopped thinking about you, not even a day

I miss you, honestly, but I’ll erase you

‘Cause it hurts less than to blame you”

“Spider,” Hoshi’s first solo tune, is a clear indication of the rising super star, Hoshi has become since joining SEVENTEEN. Seductive R&B and dazzling synthesizers meet welcoming vocals and evocative lyrics in this song, which was crafted by the SEVENTEEN Production Team’s leader personally and has a story-infused dancing. If you wanted some advice on what to wear to a Kpop concert, check this out. 

7. Weeekly – ‘After School’

“I’m so good with you

Keep up, catch up

Our eyes meet, our hair flutter

Ready, set, go! Feel it”

This song is about letting go and enjoying your feelings! These are easily the best kpop lyrics for captions.

With little over a year under their belts, Weeekly has already established a distinct sound that they can call their own. Even in the effervescent performance “After School,” the magic of childhood is celebrated at interstellar levels.

8. Taemin – ‘Advice’

“The more you try to trap me, I’ll go off the rails so take a good look

If you want to see the end, push my buttons”


Now these are some iconic kpop lines…

Taemin is sending out a warning with these lyrics, make sure you don’t push his button. One of the few kpop songs about life.

In the same way that you watched yourself grow into an amazing person, we have watched Taemin grow into an amazing Kpop star. He plays with us just as a tiger toys with its victim, and when he strikes, you know you’re doomed. When you watch him move, your muscles clench up. In the past several years, the SHINee singer has shown that he is completely unafraid to reveal himself via his work. He truly deserves his seat in our KPop Quotes from Songs list. 

9. D.O. – ‘Rose’

“I might not have a fancy car


But I fancy you

So gimme a chance

If you need a lover, baby”

It’s clear D.O. might not have a fancy car but is the best lover. Why won’t you ladies give him a chance?

As seen by his understatedly brilliant debut solo album (Empathy), D.O.’s expertise is the simple, and lead single ‘Rose’ ticks all the right boxes for him.


“Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest”

A classic quote from a classic BTS track.  Now, these are some inspirational kpop lyrics.

The message of this song is to never give up on your goals and to wait patiently for the day when you will be able to fulfill them. Do not even give up on that “tomorrow” regardless of how long it takes or how exhausted you are. You’ll get it eventually, so don’t worry.

11. BIBI – ‘The Weekend’

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, we was just gettin’ started

I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna be broken-hearted”

Bibi clearly does not want to get a broken heart. The girl just wants to be taken seriously… Now these are some powerful kpop quotes.

BIBI and 88rising collaborated on this tune, and the timing couldn’t have been better. With its smooth, carefree disco-inspired tune, ‘The Weekend’ cleverly hides the disillusionment of BIBI’s relationship with an emotionally unavailable lover.

12. Lee Hi – ‘Red Lipstick’

“Tonight, we are going to get caught up in the vibe

Just groove it without any thoughts in mind

Don’t worry about a thing, just do it”

Make sure next time you go to Kpop concert, you also get caught up in the vibe. These are great song quotes lyrics.

“Red Lipstick” is Lee Hi’s take on the flashy vintage trend, and she encourages everyone to just let free and enjoy the moment – or in the case of her music video, to look back and remember the good old days.

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