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Who are these guys?

seventeen carats

Korean band Seventeen were created by Pledis. S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Vernon, & Dino are the thirteen guys in the team. So many seventeen members. Who is your match though?

After releasing the 17 Carat EP in 2015, they became the first K-pop band to make it onto Billboard’s “10 Best KPop music Albums of 2015” list. Seventeen has put out four studio albums, a dozen EPs, and three reissues to their credit thus far. These guys just know how to make good music. So then which one of these boys has your bias? Take a guess who has ours. You be will guessing for days lol. Also, have you had your Carats today?

How to Play

how to play this quiz

Our seventeen kpop quiz is very easy to play. You will have twenty questions to answer in order to win your prize. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. All True seventeen fans have done this, so you can too. 

What makes a good quiz

In order for us to make you a good trivia game and show it to you. We had to do a lot of research on the boys. We had to make sure the question were not too easy for you and also not too difficult. These are the main foundations for ensuring you get a perfect score in our quiz today. So what are you waiting for? Try out our epic game.

Why play these kinds of quizzes

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Well one of the main reasons you would want to play our quizzes would be because you are a fan of them and you admire their work. Lucky for you we have a few quizzes based around the band for you to get stuck into. This game is more of the starting point within all of our quizzes about this amazing band.

We know your gonna enjoy playing our game because they were created by seventeen fans for seventeen fans. We know some of you fans want them to be your boyfriend don’t you lol.

We have a Seventeen Member Quiz

image of a male kpop group for the kpop quiz

That’s right, we also have made more seventeen games for you to enjoy. We have made a few seventeen member quiz games. Once you have finished playing this one, make sure you check out the other trivia, especially the seventeen carat quiz.

Music (EP/Albums)



Release Date

#1- Love & Letter

April 25, 2016

#2 – Teen, Age

November 6, 2017

#3 – An Ode

September 16, 2019

#4 – Face the Sun

May 27, 2022


Extended Plays

Release Date

#1- 17 Carat

April 25, 2016

#2 – Boys Be

November 6, 2017

#3 – Going Seventeen

September 16, 2019

#4 – Al1

May 27, 2022

#5 – You Make My Day

July 16, 2018

#6 – You Made My Dawn

January 21, 2019

#7 – Heng:garæ

June 22, 2020

#8 – Semicolon

October 19, 2020

#9 – Your Choice

June 18, 2021

#10 – Attacca

October 22, 2021

#11 – We Make You

May 30, 2018

# 12 – 24H 

September 9, 2020

Intense Seventeen Trivia Games

seventeen together

Yes, that’s right this is going to be one of the most intense trivia games you have ever played. We have so many tricky questions lined up, we are excited for you to get started with our k-pop band quiz. Just as we said above we have plenty seventeen trivia quizzes for you to play. Not just this seventeen k-pop quiz.

The Band Members Subgroups

In the band due to there being quite a lot of members in the group has had to be split into three sub-teams that all work together. The leading member of the hip hop part is S.Coups, the leading member of the vocal team is Woozi, and the performance team leader is Hoshi. You must be ready for our seventeen quiz now?

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