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Who are EXO?

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Established in 2011 by SM Entertainment, Exo are Seoul-based boy group that emerged in 2012. To sum it all up, there are nine people in the band: Xiumin; Suho; Baekhyun; Chen; Chan yeol; D.O.; Kai; and Sehun. They are known for recording songs in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, and performing widely in all three languages.

Where are the exo member from?

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All of the Exo members are from Korea and China. Best place to be if you want to be a k-pop star. Just like these exo boys. Ever wondered if any of the Exo boys hate you?

How to Play

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Our Exo quiz is gonna be very easy for you to play, you already are an exo fan so things will go smoothly.  You will have twenty questions to get through. You will have four answers to choose from. If you get one question wrong you have to start again.  You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20.

Who is in the band?

When it comes to who is actually part of exo, you dont need to look to far because we have did the research for you. Exo have quite a few dashing members in thier band. Its important that you try and remember each of the exo band members names. This is a k-pop quiz were you will have to use your memory. 

  • Xiumin also known as – Kim Min-seok

  • Suho also known as – Kim Jun-myeon

  • Lay also known as – Zhang Yixing

  • Baekhyun also known as – Byun Baek-hyun

  • Chen also known as – Kim Jong-dae

  • Chan yeol also known as – Park Chan-yeol

  • D.O. also known as – Doh Kyung-soo

  • K a i also known as – Kim Jong-in
  • Sehun also known asOh Se-hun

How old are the group members

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How many quizzes do you know that give you some tips before you play the quiz. None, that because epic win make the best kpop quizzes. Especialy exo quizzes, we have quite a few exo quizzes for you to get stuck into. We have other kpop groups quizzes you can try if you wanted. 

  • Xiumin age is – (age 32) as of july 2022

  • Suho’s age is – (age 31) as of july 2022

  • Lay’s age is – (age 30) as of july 2022

  • Baekhyun age is –  (age 30) as of july 2022

  • Chen age is – (age 29) as of july 2022

  • Chanyeol age is –  (age 29) as of july 2022

  • D.O. age is – (age 29) as of july 2022

  • K a i age is – (age 28) as of july 2022
  • Sehun age is – (age 28) as of july 2022 


What makes a good EXO quiz?


A good Exo quiz is a quiz that asks you questions that will challenge what you already know and hopefully teach you something new. If you don’t find yourself learning anything new from an Exo quiz then we are afraid that just not a good enough quiz. Our exo quiz will for sure test your knowledge and more than likely teach you something new. You must be ready for our Exo soulmate quiz by now.

Ever played our Exo Soulmate Quiz?

Thats right, we know that you must be a big Exo fan to be here now reading this. So we just wanted to remind you that we also have a really fun soulmate quiz for you to test out. Who knows, you might find your exo soulmate today. Slightly off topic, what you think to BTS?



The exo boys who are a well know chinese-korean group exo have played more than 100 performances over the course of four headlining tours and several collaborative tours. The group has received numerous prizes, including five consecutive Album of the Year wins at the Asian Awards and two successive Musician of the Year prizes at a few Music Awards. The band has been dubbed “Kings of K-pop” and the “largest boyband in the world” by numerous media outlets, and they were included as among the top 5 most important superstars on the Forbes Power Celebrity list.

Apart from music, the members of the band have promoted companies like Nature Republic and Samsung and taken part in charitable projects like Smile For U, a long-running initiative by SM Entertainment and UNICEF that started in 2015. What are your thoughts on exo member kai or exo member sehun? We think these two are our fav out of the band. 

Who makes the songs

Early in their careers, the members came under fire for not participating in the songwriting and music production of their songs. The repackaged edition of thier second album, Love Me Right, included their first tune to attribute vocals to one of the band members in 2015. Chan, Chen, and Lay created “Promise (Exo 2014)” as a “special present” for the fans, with lyrics that expressed gratitude for their support. Since then, Exo has published a number of songs on which the band members have contributed the lyrics, including “Heaven” and “She’s Dreaming” from the third studio album, the promotional single “Lightsaber” and, most famously, the smash single “Ko Ko Bop” among many others from their 2017 discography The War. Psst more quizzes here.

He discussed his contributions to the lyrics for “Chill” in a 2017 interview with Billboard. The words for their hit song “Ko Ko Bop” were first written independently, according to Chen, who then worked on fitting them together for the tune. Since the tune is the best outcome of the work that our bandmates and other authors have put into it, I don’t believe I have any regrets about it. Additionally, the  lyrics for the song “Lights Out” on thier fourth winter EP, Universe, were written by Chen. All of the songs on Member Lay’s solo albums and those of other artists were written and produced by Member Lay, who is also a composer and producer. Both “Gravity” and “With You,” which can be found on thier sixth studio album ,which were written by Chanyeol. Another top exo member. You feeling ready to play our amazing exo quiz?

Recent News

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The military formally released Suho on February 13, 2022. Exo commemorated their tenth anniversary on April 8 with the release of a new season of their reality series Exo’s Ladder on the streaming platform Wavve. On April 9, they held a special fan event called 2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event at the Jamsil Arena, which was their first performance in front of a live audience since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Lay made an announcement about leaving SM Entertainment when his contract with the organisation expired. Thats sad news as he was a great exo member. He made it clear that he will continue to be involved with Exo. On April 25, 2022, Chen received his military separation papers.

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