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So You Love Blackpink?

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Today we have an amazing kpop quiz Blackpink about a group who are one the best female groups on the planet. That band is Blackpink. A true entertainment machine. We have been fans of Blackpink ever since they first debuted. We know that the fact you are here reading this means you also must be a big fan of these amazing women. We have put together yet another in-depth and juicy quiz for you, so make sure you got your thinking caps on next. 

How to Play

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Playing our Kpop quiz Blackpink is fairly easy. You will have twenty questions to get through in this quiz. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. All TRUE Blackpink fans have did this, so you can too. If you wanted to find out about Blackpink History and what they are really all about, then carry on reading quizmaster. 

Who are Blackpink?

Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa are the singers or member of the Korean girl band Blackpink, which was created by YG ent and hails specifically from South Korea. The gang made their debut in 2016 with the release of their first single release, titled Square One. The album featured two songs, “Whistle” and “Boombayah,” both of which premiered at number one on separate charts: the Gaon Chart and the Billboard chart. They make great kpop in case you didn’t know. 

Since its inception, Blackpink has established themselves as one of the most notable acts in the Kpop industry. As a result, they have been given the titles “largest female band in the world,” “biggest Kpop girl band on the globe,” and “Kpop Queens.” According to an article published by Insider, they “came into the Kpop scene with a pair of singles that placed them on a path to become the ambassadors of the ‘female crush’ notion,” embodying “confidence, sensuality, and inspiring assurance” in the context of the Kpop environment.

After the release of their single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” in 2018, Billboard referred to them as “K-most pop’s conspicuous ambassadors” of the girl crush genre. On the list of the 40 most powerful celebrities in South Korea compiled by Forbes, they came in first place in 2019, third place in 2020, and second place in 2021. The band’s fame and significance to the global dissemination of the Korean Wave have been acknowledged by a number of international media publications, including Forbes, Billboard, and The Hollywood Reporter, respectively. Rolling Stone made note of the fact that Blackpink defies the conventional wisdom that the majority of successful Kpop bands in the United States are comprised of male boy groups. Let’s continue getting you ready for this kpop quiz.


Our Top Blackpink Quiz


This quiz has been one of the most popular blackpink quizzes compared to the others. We put a lot of effort into making sure it’s not too easy or too difficult. We made sure we asked you stuff that you wouldn’t normally get asked in a black pink quiz. You can already guess that this quiz is going to be pretty epic if we don’t say so ourselves lol. These girls are almost as epic as BTS. Truly queens of entertainment. If you are a BlackP fan this quiz is exactly what you need to play today. 


How to play our BLKPink Quizzes

All of our quizzes will essentially be all played the same. You will have twenty questions to answer in each quiz. You will have four answers to select from and all of the quizzes are multiple choice. Each quiz will have a theme and you will have to make sure you do not get too many answers wrong. We know you are going to enjoy our Blackpink trivia quiz. You will get asked things that could relate to any member, so just be ready. 


Why Kpop Music Trivia?

Here at epicwin, we are avid fans of kpop music trivia quizzes. We have created quite a few already so you can tell we are a bit obsessed with them. We are all listeners of kpop so creating quizzes about our idols seemed like a no-brainer. K-pop music is here to stay so kpop music trivia is also here to stay.


Example Blackpink Quiz Questions

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Here are a few quiz question examples. 

  1. How many Spotify followers do Blackpink have as of may 2022?

  2. What year did Blackpink make its American Debut?

  3. What was the name of their first reality show?

The album...

the album blackpink

On October, in the year 2020, the band launched “The Album”, their debut Korean studio album, featuring “Lovesick Girls” as the album’s third and lead single. In anticipation of the debut of their video for “Lovesick Girls,” the band made an appearance on YouTube’s original music program. First featured artist to be released, with “unfiltered access” moments. Their album debuted at number two on both the Billboard chart and the UK Albums Chart, making them the highest-charting Korean females band on both charts. Truly loving life.  


As a physical album, it sold 590,000 copies in its first day, which was a milestone for a Korean female band. With the release of The Album, they made history by being the first K-pop girl group to sell one million albums. On October 21st in the United States, Blackpink appeared on american talk shows like Jimmy K and Good Morning America to perform “Lovesick Girls.”  You must be getting close to feeling ready to play our quiz?

The Future - Born Pink

YG Entertainment revealed on July 6, 2022 that Blackpink was finishing up work on a new album, with a music video shoot scheduled for the middle of the month and a new single due out in August. Another piece of news that was announced was that the band will be setting off on their second global tour before the year was through.


 The band will be performing their hit songs and a new song called “Ready for Love,” which will be showcased for the first time during the virtual in-game festival in PUBG Mobile between July 22 to 30. On July 29th, both the complete version and an interactive music video were made available to the public. The band’s second album, Born Pink, was announced on July 31 and is set for release on September 16. A promotional song, “Pink Venom,” is due out on August 19, and a global tour is set to kick off in October. Vital things to remember if you want to ace our quiz.


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