The Funniest KPop Jokes

So you love Kpop Jokes huh? Well, my friend… You have come to the right place. We have 15 of the funniest Kpop jokes to get you and your friends laughing hard. We will also include some insider Kpop jokes. An inside joke is a joke that only a small number of individuals in the group understand. Being exposed to K-Pop has resulted in a slew of inside jokes among the genre’s followers. The following jokes are only understandable to K-pop lovers and that’s you.

Loving the Kpop Jokes so far?

When it comes to kpop jokes, the list of jokes that can classed as classics is endless. Of course there are also jokes we could not feature in this article due to them being a bit NSFW. Plus we did not want to scare you guys off with wierd jokes. We want to make you laugh out loud as hard as you can. We laughed at most if not all of the jokes in this kpop list.  So we had a sneaky feeling you guys would enjoy reading them. Dont forget to share them with your friends. Let’s continue our kpop joke fiesta.

love kpop jokes

You are seriously Inkredible…

Because some relationships dont work out…

They all start to get Woozi…

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