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Twice has been named one of K-most pop’s prominent acts by Time magazine, because to their unique lollipop sound and outstanding choreography. After their single “Dance The Night Away” was released, Billboard remarked that Twice’s bubblegum sound was successful in attracting Western appeal, despite the fact that most of K-success pop’s in the US is credited to most Korean performers using either hip-hop or EDM as their musical foundation.

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As evidenced by Twices eighth EP Feel Special becoming the best-selling girl group album in Korea in 2019 and their feat of becoming the first Korean female band to hold a Japanese dome tour, the China Morning Post has given the name Twice as one of three major female K-pop groups that are considered “game-changers in a boy band-led business”. They will be included in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list in 2020 because of their domestic and global accomplishments. “100 Digital Stars” is Forbes Asia’s inaugural list of people from the Asia-Pacific area with a strong social media and digital media presence. Twice. As of July 2020, the band was ranked 12th on Bloomberg’s Pop Star Power Rankings for July. Nayeon is a member who is loved a lot within the band did you know.

How do you play our twice quiz

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Our quiz is quite similar to our other quizzes. There will be twenty questions for you to answer about each of the girls from the band. You will get four answers to select from and only one of the answers will be correct. This is a true test to see if you can ace our quiz. Let’s see how hot you are in this quiz.  Don’t expect any easy questions. This is going to be one tough quiz. But, at some point, we will find out how well do you know twice.

Example questions – did twice win the Olympics?, Example question 2 – would you date Mina?, Example question 3 – does twice have any male members? Example question 4 – How many Twice bands exist? Example question 5 – how well do you know twice label. Example question 6 – Do you know Twices the first ep name? Example question 7 – which twice member are you?

Get to know this twice member

When it comes to twice the members all have their own stories to tell of how they came to be in the band. Some members had a few lucky chances. While others were scouted by JYP entertainment to join the band. Today we will be making the spotlight on one of the members. That member is Mina Myoi. Getting to know this member will help you in this quiz.

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Akira and Sachiko Myoi had their first child, Mina, and she landed on earth on March 24, 1997, in San Antonio. Her family relocated to Japan when she was a child and she grew up in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture. Osaka University Hospital in Suita is where her father works as an orthopaedic physician. Kai, her older brother, is five years older than her. Mina had been dancing since she was a child, and had been practicing ballet for eleven years before making her stage debut with Twice.

She went to Takarazuka’s Obayashi Sacred Heart School.Japanese and American nationality were said to be two of Mina’s legal statuses in 2017. However, according to the Publication of People Who Have Chosen to Expatriate released by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, she no longer retains U.S. citizenship as of 2019. A few other members of Twice we love are Sana, Momo, Nayeon to name a few. Especially Sana & nayeon.

Twices’ amazing kpop music

Twice have been releasing kpop music ever since 2015. They have released numerous albums such as Eyes Wide Open, Twicetagram, Perfect World, and many more. They have also released quite a few EPs over the years. If you are reading this now, we already know you’ve listened to most of them. You are more interested to find out how much you know Twice right? You must be nearly ready to begin our quiz. Quick question, how well do you know Blackpink? Random question 2 – know any bts songs kpop? Random question 3 – is twice a kpop boy group? Looking for a different quiz?

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Yes, you heard that right, this is yet another one of our epic quizzes. Crafted by Twice fans for twice fans. You know this quiz is going to be bees kneez. If you haven’t already make sure you get to know our other quizzes. Alot of time and effort was put into making them amazing for you and we think your gonna love them all.

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