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Really Hard NBA Logo Trivia!

Hi, welcome to the Hardest NBA logo quiz ever. Proudly crafted by the crazy team at EpicWin. If you can guess these correctly you will be a true Quiz Master. So we heard you like Basketball? How many teams can you guess by their logo? Well, try that then x10 the difficulty. Then you have our “ Hardest NBA Logo Quiz”. This was designed for true NBA fans who feel they can guess a team logo with their eyes closed. 

We have truly enjoyed crafting this quiz for you lucky quizmasters. By the way, Lakers fan by any chance? Just remember when we say the Hardest NBA Logo quiz, we really mean it. We won’t be surprised if many of you won’t get past question 7. We just hope you can remember your NBA Team logos.  It’s now your job to make us eat our words. Can you get to the end and collect your quiz master prize? Will you get past the dreaded question 7? If this NBA quiz sounds too hard, check out our latest article How many ex-NBA players are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

What's this Logo Quiz about?

what is this quiz about

Your task in this NBA Logo quiz is to show us how much you know about their respective logos. You will have to guess each team logo. The logo will be hidden behind a special triangle we call Bermuda. The job is simple, guess the logo hidden behind the triangle. If you have looked at and studied NBA team logos, this will be a breeze for you.

If you only know your teams’ logo, then your gonna take a while to reach the end. But you will get there 🙂 This quiz requires a good photographic memory and a knowledge of NBA logos. If you have both, your step closer to winning. Offtopic – Check this NBA players quiz out. Remember this is the hardest NBA logo quiz. Expect this to be the most challenging logo quiz you’ve played so far. Make sure you’re on your A-game. Failing that, check out our other fun quizzes

How to Play our Hardest NBA Logo Quiz?

This “Hardest logo quiz” has been given a rating of HARD by the EpicWin team. We all figured it would be fairly difficult to guess the questions correctly. If you are a regular NBA game watcher then you are a step in the right direction. This should help you get a few questions correct. If you do not know much about the NBA it will still be a fun quiz to play and learn about the different team logos.

You will have 20 questions to answer in this quiz. If you do not get the question correct, you will not be able to advance to the next question. You will have to re-attempt the question until you get it correct. Each question has four possible answers to select from. There will only ever be one correct answer for each question. If you answer correctly, you will be shown a correct answer flag. If you answer incorrectly, you will be sent to the hardest NBA logo quiz hall of shame. Yes, it actually exists… Make sure you check out our MVP quiz. Show us how much you know about the MVP history. We also have a great tennis quiz for you to try.

NBA Team Logo History

From the multicoloured fantasies of the 1970s to the post-post-modern style of nowadays, the NBA has always attempted to stay current with club logo fads. Some design changes were successful; others failed miserably, and one team even retained a traditional appearance from the start. Want to find out about NBA players who are jehovas witnesses?

The Hardest Los Angeles Lakers Logo

la lakers trivia

In the late 1940s, the franchise was named from the Minneapolis Lakers in honour of the area’s hundreds of lakes. Its logo included an image of the state contrasting against a yellow ball as well as the trademark “MLPS Lakers.” Don’t forget our Lakers Quiz

In 1960, after relocating to Los Angeles and renaming, the corporate logo was changed to a golden ball with a purple trademark “Los Angeles Lakers.” The logo has remained in this form with slight modifications up to the present day. Check our Kobe quiz for more Lakers Gold.

Los Angeles Clippers Logo

la clippers logo

The Clippers updated their emblem in 2010 after determining that the prior basketball in the backdrop was facing the incorrect way, and we can’t argue with them. However, in 2015, new ownership entered the picture, presenting a chance for a makeover. Would the Clips lend themselves to a modern aesthetic? Perhaps something completely atypical? Who knows lol…

The hardest Boston Celtics Logo

boston celtics logo

Anyone in the audience can identify this clover leaf-specked logo. The Celtics’ current emblem is an homage to the team’s original green clover design. It employs a straightforward image and a legible sans serif typeface for the logo.

Since the 1950s, the emblem has shown a laid-back figure effortlessly twirling a ball. It has seen relatively minimal modifications all throughout the decades. Offtopic – Ever heard of the Chicago Bulls?

Milwaukee Bucks Logo

milwaukee bucks logo

In 1968, upwards of 14,000 fans voted for the best name. The overall winner was “buck,” which connotes strength and athleticism. The fan who suggested this phrase won the vehicle, and the creature served as the official mascot for decades.

The Milwaukee Bucks have altered their logo four times since that day. The first is the most striking – it has an amusing buck dressed in a sweater bearing the word “B.” Following two decades, the animal had a fearsome green snout with huge horns. Despite minor alterations, this picture has stayed unchanged until the present day. We have a great Steph Curry quiz and a Kevin Durant quiz for you after this one. Take your pick. 

Offtopic – What’s your fav NBA stadium? Well, we hope you are feeling a bit more ready for our “Hardest NBA Logo Quiz. We have given you at least three to four answers already. Now we need to see what you got. Hit that big green button below and play the quiz now.