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bts bias meaning?

BTS bias basically means a member of BTS who you find yourself watching just a little bit more than the rest. That BTS member is your bias… or is he? Our job here today is to help you find your BTS bias. Trust us we know what we are doing when it comes to BTS bias quizzes. 

How To Play

how to play this quiz

Welcome to our guess my bts bias trivia. You will have twenty questions to get through in our quiz. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20. 

How do I find my BTS bias? (is it jungkook?)

In order to find your BTS bias you have to answer a strict set of questions. We need to know about your personality so that we can fully assess what kind of person you are and who is the most likeliest to be your fav in BTS. It’s a deep secret science that we now know how to do here at epicwin. So it’s a good thing you landed on our guess my BTS bias quiz because it’s the most accurate. We can help you get the answers,this is also one of our top quizzes. So, what is your way of selecting your favorite bts member?

What is Bais in BTS?

woman at kpop concert

Bias is KPop vocabulary that basically means favorite. So when we ask whats your BTS bias is. We are asking who is your favorite member in the band. You must be feeling ready to try our quiz?

Can you have two biases in BTS?

rm bts

Yes, you can have two biases in BTS. It’s not like your going to marry them lol. You can have a love toward all of them. Because if we are speaking technically if you like the group, you essentially have a love for all of them. So yes you can have two biases in the band. 

Guess What is a ult bias?

A ULT Bias is basically your ultimate. So, your ultimate bias is the kpop star who you like the most out of all of the kpop groups you listen to. So for me, it’s got to be Jimin. He is so cute.  You ready for our bts quiz yet? This is one of the most popular quizzes we have. 

Why We love BTS Member Quizzes

bts Jungkook popular on social media

The reason why we love making this kind of quiz, is because when people play this kind of quiz they tend to tell to answer all of the questions well. Which makes its a more fun experience for the quiz player. We also love making them because we love playing them too. If you want to try any other bangtan boys quiz, be sure to check the quiz hub page. I bet we could guess your fav member in the group. For us its jungkook today lol.

Our top bts quiz


As stated numerous times above. This quiz is easily one of the more popular quizzes we have on our site. We have loads of other trivia games but this one seems to top the kpop ones. What is the way you eventually found out who you liked the most in the band? Don’t forget to check out our other quizzes.

Bts Music

bts album

What is your fav album from the boys or even your fav EP?. We have a few and will share a few below. 

  • Dark & Wild (2014)
  • Wings (2016)
  • Love Yourself: Tear (2018)
  • Map of the Soul: 7 (2020)
  • Be (2020)

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