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Ready to Fill in our blanks?

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Welcome to our Fill in the Blank Game. Most of you have probably played this game as a child growing up. It is a game that you can make as difficult or easy as you want it to be.  The traditional version of this game requires the players to tell a short story to get other players to fill in the blank to the story that is being told. The EpicWin version is now a quiz and we have decided to make this game slightly difficult for you guys. So make sure youre ready for —— — —– —- –.

What is this quiz about?

Your task in this fill-in-the-blank game is to answer all of the questions correctly and claim your quiz master certificate. You will be asked to fill in the rest of each quote that you will be shown in each question. The quotes that you will be shown are well-known famous quotes. 

How to Play this Quiz?

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The fill-in-the-blank game has been classed as Easy by the EpicWin team. We all agreed that this is the quiz where most people will succeed and get most if not all questions correct. The selection of quotes are well known and you should be able to fill in the blanks. You will have ten questions to answer in this quiz. Each question has a maximum of four answers to choose from.

For each question, there is only one correct answer.  If an incorrect answer is given you will be able to advance onto the next question. However, at the end of the quiz, all of the questions that you got wrong will be shown to you again. You will have to answer all of them correctly in order to get your Prize. Once complete, make sure you check out our Food logo quiz.

What is Fill in the Blank?

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Let’s learn a little bit about Filing in the blanks. As stated previously this our fill-in-the-blank game that most people would have played with friends in the past. For thrones who are still not sure what fill in the blank means. All you have to do is read a question that will have specific parts of it intentionally left out. Replace the missing parts with words you see fit. RANDOM – Ever wondered how you will go? The only difference is with our fill-in-the-blank game, is that it is done in a quiz style. To add more excitement to the game.  Did you know that fill-in-the-blank games have an older cousin called the cloze test.

There are quite a few similar games out there but we know you will enjoy playing ours the most. Back to the Cloze test… Well, A cloze test is a method of measuring comprehension that involves eliminating words (typically every fifth or fourth word or so) from a text or paragraph and then requesting the person reading to fill in the blanks. As a result, sometimes it is thought of as a gap-fill activity.  Sounds similar to our fill in the blank game huh?

Fill in the blank vs Cloze Test

The closure feature of the Gestalt theory is used in language development by thinking that the brain perceives language as a whole, complete item. Based on their previous encounters, the user will naturally fill in the gaps. The most popular way to generate a cloze test is to delete an entire segment of fundamentally correct and naturally occurring content. The educational focus can be nouns, verbs, function words, or a combination of all three. Importantly, test creators can either allow students to contribute their own word(s) for the missing ingredient or provide them with a limited list from which to choose.

Fill in the Blank Game Helps Leaners

Fill in the blank games/Cloze exercises benefit learners in a range of methods, the most essential of which are that they (1) possess real-world uses, (2) give learners with ordinary conditions, and (3) may be flexibly and specifically adapted to meet academic goals. The efficiency of close deletion testing has indeed been investigated in a variety of ways by applied linguistic scientists. So stop waiting and start our brand new fill in the blank game.