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Hello and welcome to our Epic Family Guy Quiz. The whole team here at Epicwin absolutely LOVE Family Guy. We all have watched season one all the way up to season nineteen at least three times each. We are all eagerly waiting for season twenty to arrive just like you are. 

We know you will love the quiz we have put together for you as we loved creating it for you all. This cool quiz will remind you of all of the funny moments in all the seasons and just might show you an episode you’ve maybe not seen yet. Who knows?… The only way is to play the quiz and begin the fun. Love TV Hospital tv shows ? Enjoy our very first Family Guy Trivia game.

Family Guy Quiz Hint&Tips

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Your job in our Family guy quiz is fairly simple. You will have twenty questions to answer. All of the questions will be a mixture from all of the season as well as some general knowledge stuff that only a true Family guy fan would know. We already know you’re one of them by being here now and reading this. Once you have completed the quiz you will be given your certificate of achievement. 

Share this on your social media, show them you’re a true Family Guy fan. Now as much we would love the whole world to be Family guy fans, we know this is not possible, So if you’re not fully clued up about Family guy, keep reading. Your masterclass is below. If you wanted to see the other quizzes we have for you, slide on down to our quiz fortress

Family Guy History Deep Dive

Getting you ready for our Family Guy Quiz

Family Guy is a world-renowned Animated TV Show produced by the one and only Seth MacFarlane and premiered on January 31, 1999. Fuzzy Door Productions are in charge of the series’ creation. MacFarlane invented the family after creating two animated movies, The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve. MacFarlane changed the film’s stars, Larry his puppy, Steve, Peter and Brian, collectively. In 1998, MacFarlane presented a seven-minute script to Fox, and indeed the show was given the green light and development started.

Unfortunately, the termination of Family Guy was confirmed soon after the third season screened in 2002, with one unaired episode ultimately launching on Adult Swim in the year 2003, bringing the series’ initial run to a close. It had really good DVD sales and strong ratings from reruns. This then persuaded Fox to bring the show back in 2004.

Old Family Guy Seasons

Between the series’s second and third seasons, Fox regularly switched it around various days and showtimes with little to no warning, and the TV rankings suffered as a result. Since Family Guy first aired in the United Kingdom, and also the show was released on digital disk on November 12, 2001. The first 7 shows of the second season are also included with the first series, giving them a total of 14 shows.

A power change at Fox Network resulted in the buying of 13 new shows that would serve as the foundation of season 3. The creators, acutely conscious of the show’s potential volatility, alluded to it in many scenes, most notably “The Thin White Line,” where Fox allowed them to say any cuss words for the very first time without the words obscured by background sound like a bell. This was a very fun episode that many of the Epicwin crew remember. Don’t forget to check out our other TV Show Quizzes. Lord of the rings, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Dragon Balls Z, and many more SICK quizzes. 

The story centres all around the Griffin family’s exploits, which include husband Peter Griffin, a gormless and careless but well-intentioned factory worker.  Lois, a beautiful stay-at-home wife and music teacher from the affluent Pewterschmidt family. Ever watched Rick and Morty?

Family Guy Quiz Story

Brian and Chris

chris and brian

Their daughter Meg, who is almost always bullied and also continually teased or dismissed by the family. Chris, the insecure younger brother who is obese, uninformed, and, in several ways, is essentially a carbon copy of his father. Stewie, their devious child son who is always plotting ways to kill his mum in the early season. 

Family Guy Story continued...

So, you ever seen the episode when peter was a pirate? Back to the story. Back to the story. Including the Griffins, there are recurrent actors who always feature in the show.  There is quagmire, Everyone loves Quagmire. Then there is our old friend Cleveland & his partner Loretta (who was later called Donna). Disabled policeman Joe, and his wife Bonnie, their child Kevin, and their infant girl Susie. Then there is pharmacist Mort, Muriel, and their son. 

Then we have the elderly Herbert. Let’s not forget the Television news reporters Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons, Asian journalist Tricia Takanawa, these and more all feature often. Actor James Woods appears in some shows as himself, as does Adam West until his passing.  What you think of Familyguy? This is one of the top TV quizzes on our site.

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Well, we hope you enjoy playing our Family Guy quiz. With all of the added knowledge, we have given you, you will for sure get a clean 20 out of 20 questions correct. Make sure you check out out our other quizzes. We don’t want you getting bored now.