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Welcome to the East Asia Map Quiz. We hope that you have packed your suitcase and are ready to go on a trip to Asia with us. This quiz was created by one of our team members Emma. She loves traveling and Asia is her top continent for backpacking. East Asia is made of eight countries in total. The biggest being China and the smallest being Mongolia. 

This map quiz is not only about showing if you know what each country looks like. It will also aim to see what your general knowledge is around East Asian countries. Have you ever been to China? Backpacked through Mongolia? Well, it’s fine if you haven’t, we will help you get there with this Epic East Asia Map Quiz.

What's this quiz about?

what is this quiz about

Your job is in this East Asia map quiz is primarily to show us how much you know about East Asia as a whole. You will have to identify East Asian countries from their map outline. You will have to also answer general knowledge questions about East Asian countries. You will have to make use of your geography general knowledge and see if you can get past question 13. 

This map quiz is similar to our other Map quizzes. Quizzes such as our South Asia Map Quiz, our Epic General Geography Quiz, our North America Quiz, our Capitals of the world quiz and our Eastern & Western Europe Map Quiz. You could say we have an around the world Map quiz. But for today, all you have to focus on is this East Asia map quiz. 

How to Play our Asia Map Quiz?

how to play this quiz

So then… this  East Asia Map quiz has been classed as MODERATE/DIFFICULT by the EpicWin team. Only a small amount of our team were able to get the whole quiz correct in one go. If you know about East Asian countries you will be able to excel in this quiz. You will have fifteen questions to answer in this map quiz. 

Each question has a maximum of four answers to choose from. For each question, there is only one correct answer.  If an incorrect answer is given you will not be able to advance to the next question until you answer it correctly. To win the quiz you have to get all of the questions correct and then collect your quiz master certificate. Check out our other geography quizzes.

A few East Asia Facts

Getting you ready for our Map Quiz.

East Asia is a vast stretch of land that is home to China, the world’s most populous country. Mongolia, North Korea, and Japan are all neighbors of China. Following the defeat of Japan in World War II, Taiwan has had an independent state autonomous from the mainland of china fairly promptly after the second world war.

aisa doll

 Hong Kong, which is located on the southernmost.  The city and its ports were handed off to the Chinese government in 1997 under an understanding of independence. This is something vital to remember for our East Asia Map Quiz. 

China is considered to be the root of East Asian civilization because, for generations, it’s been the biggest force in the continent. Which in turn built the foundations for East Asian human society. For centuries, the civilized way of life in East Asia was founded on the deep learning and innovation of Chinese civilization and on classical Chinese literature and culture.

Starwars + Singapore = ?

Did you know that an architect in Singapore built a building and based it on a Starwars Robot? Incredible, isn’t it? Although it was only a practical joke, the architect was also having fun. The Sandcrawler appears just like the model seen on film as if it is ready to rattle through the desert dunes of Tatooine in quest of discarded machines for parts. More vital facts for our East Asia Map Quiz. Also, some facts to help you with our star wars quiz.

The structure first launched in 2013 but is now home to Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Asian headquarters, which include offices for ILM Singapore. A big part of why so many people study in East Asia is because they have the opportunity to view the powerful Sandcrawler firsthand!

Japan Japan

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Let’s talk about Japan, Kyoto to be more specific. Are you interested in moving to Japan? More specifically Kyoto? It’s Japan’s royal capital for just over a thousand years.  You should definitely see historic Kyoto if you can make it to Japan. The city of Kyoto has 1.5 million inhabitants, and the majority of them dwell among the town’s various historic landmarks and temples.

There is a well-known World Heritage Site known as the ‘Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto’ which contains the Kennin-ji temple, which is commonly recognized as the country’s most old temple. Eisai, a priest who introduced Zen Buddhism to Japanese, is buried within the grounds of the monastery. This is asked in our east asia map trivia.

South Korea & Valetines Day

teddy bear for valnetines day

In Developed nations, Valentine’s Day (14 February) is typically celebrated by spouses who have fallen in love and buy presents for each other. However,  In South Korea, the festivities take on a different connotation. On February 14th, that is not the only day of love, its one of the 12 ‘love days’ that occur each month of the year.

In South Korea, February’s Valentine’s Day is the day when women show their passion for men by giving them, sweets. White Day, on March 14th, is the day when men return gifts in honor of the women who had given them in the previous month. Well, we hope that you know a few more facts about east Asia. It’s a beautiful continent and you should consider visiting. We have plenty of other geography quizzes for you.  Ready for the epic east Asia map quiz?