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When did they begin? (getting you quiz ready)

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Are you ready for our Astro soulmate quiz? Let’s begin… Founded in 2016 by Fantagio, they are a super famous Kpop boy band. On the strength of their breakthrough EP Spring Up, which included the hit “Hide & Seek,” Billboard ranked them one of the greatest new K-pop acts of 2016.

How to play our trivia game

how to play this quiz

 You will have twenty questions to get through. You will be shown the questions that you got correct and wrong at the end of the quiz. You will also be able to retry the quiz at the end, as we all know you want to get a clean 20 out of 20 in our astro soulmate quiz.

What is the meaning behind their name?

Thier name is a word from the spanish language and its meaning is for celestial bodies or if you will bodies in space. Their name is short for astrology.

Where are they from?

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All of the members of the band are from South Korea.

Why play this soulmate quiz?

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When it comes to the quizzes that we create here at epicwin, they are always of high quality Especially our quizzes. We just love making them for you guys. This trivia game you are just about to play today is also one of many people’s favorites. It’s one of those quizzes that you just ant forget too easily. So be excited, your going to find a soul mate today. Ever wondered Astro member wants to be your soulmate

How many members in the group (Which one you love)?

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There were six guys in the group when they launched and there still are six guys in the band as of 2022. Get ready for our ultimate trivia quiz.

Who is the leader of the band?

Jin Jin is the member whom is the leader of the group. Do you think you’re compatible with him? He launched as the band leader of the amazing boy group on February 23, 2016. Its nearly Astro Soulmate Quiz time!

What are the names of members in the band?

  1. MJ, also known professionally as Kim Myung-jun

A singer, performer, and model by the stage name of MJ, Kim Myung-jun is signed to Fantagio Records. As on of the lead singers of the band, a six boy Kpop group, he premiered in 2016. On a MBC’s reality programme called Favorite Entertainment, he made his debut as being among the five members of the idol dance group Super Five in  2020.

Thier newest recruit, MJ, made her public debut on the 23rd of February of this year.

It was on December 2018, when MJ sang his solo gallop performance “Cheok Cheok” at thier 2nd ASTROAD To Seoul “Starlight” extravaganza. When the concert DVD was published in June of this year, this song was added.

“You’re My Everything” was MJ’s debut OST, released in February 2019 for the Korean drama My Only One. Heo Kyung-hwan and Kang Tae-oh also visited Nha Trang in February 2019 for the travel show. MJ was one of the participants.

MJ and Jinjin appeared on a Celuv TV show. Travel Alone series in March 2019. Among the cast are Tony Ahn, Han Seung-yeon, Jin Jin, and Kim So-hye. The drama was filmed on Saipan. It was subsequently made available on DVD. For the second season of the Insane Quiz Show, he hosted with Illhoon and Loona’s Chuu in June of 2019.

tvN D’s variety discussion programme Blanket Kick will have MJ and Yoon San-ha as Vocalists, it was announced in July 2019. King of Masked Singer Driver Kim appeared in MJ’s role as Driver Kim in August 2019. FYI our quiz blog is trending at the moment so make sure you check out all of our quizzes.

2. Jinjin is the stage name of Park Jin-woo.

On a sunny day on March 15, 1996, Park Jin-woo was created. As a stage moniker, he is well known by Jin Jin. One of South Korea’s most popular artists is Jinjin. On February 23, 2016, he made his debut as the frontman of this Korean boy band. His is also part of sub group  Jinjin and Rocky.

3. Cha Eun-woo, also known professionally as Lee Dong-min.

On a sunny day in March 30, 1997, Lee Dong-min set foot on Earth. “Cha Eun-woo” is his business name. He is signed to the Fantagio record company as a musician, performer, and model in Korea. The band is of course a South Korean boy group that he is a part of.

4. Moon Bin, professionally referred to as Moonbin.

Moon Bin was delivered to earth on the Jan 26th 1998. He is better known by his stage name Moonbin lol,  he is a Korean musician, performer, dancer, and model who is signed to the Fantagio record label. He is part of the boy band and its sub-group Moonbin & Sanha. He is also one of astro’s front guys.

5. Park Min-hyuk, professionally known as Rocky

On the 25th of February, 1999, Park Min-hyuk was personally delivered to the world. Fantagio is the record label where he works as a vocalist, performer, and dancer nicknamed as Rocky. On top of all that, Jinjin and Rocky are part of a super sub group.

6. Yoon San-ha, often known by his mononym Sanha.

Born on March 21st, 2000, as Yoon San-ha. Fantagio is the record company that represents Korean singer and entertainer Sanha. Moonbin and Sanha are a part of a sub-group within the band. Just trying to get you ready for our Astro soulmate quiz. This epic quiz ultimate trivia will make you have a lot of fun.

Which KPop label are they signed too?

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Among its many roles in the entertainment industry, Fantagio is a record label, a superstar coaching and mentoring organization, and a film and K-drama production firm. N.O.A. Entertainment (short for “Network of Asia”) was the original name of the firm when it was created in September 2008; in June 2011, the business rebranded to Fantagio. You will find the band details on their website. Do you feel ready for our online test quiz?

What Albums & Eps have Astro released?



Studio albums

  1. Spring Up
  2. Summer Vibes
  3. Autumn Story
  4. Dream Part.01
  5. Dream Part.02
  6. Rise Up
  7. Venus
  8. Blue Flame
  9. Gateway
  10. Switch On

Winter Dream

One & Only

All Light

All Yours

Drive to the Starry Road


Which member has your bias?

If its a soulmate you’re looking for then you can only have one bias in the group. For me, from this quiz, I would say cha eun woo has my attention and that a few other members of epicwin. He is our top pick to be your boyfriend lol. Nearly time to find our how good you are at our Astro Soulmate Quiz. 

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