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Welcome to our epic Astro Kpop Quiz. We know that you must be a big fan of Astro to have landed on easily best Astro game online. Welcome and get ready to start the fun. Astro are a kpop groups that many of the Epicwin crew love and adore.

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 We love Astro so much we created not one but four Astro trivia games for you to enjoy. But before we begin this amazing Astro kpop quiz let’s get into who Astro is, what they represent, where they are from and everything else about the amazon group that is ASTRO.

Fantagio created the South Korean boy band Astro, which made their debut in 2016. The band members in Six people and are made up of Yoon San-ha, MJ, Rocky, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, and Jinjin. They made their debut with the song “Hide & Seek” off of their first EP Spring Up, Billboard later ranked them as one of the top new K-pop acts of 2016.

park jinwoo

While undergoing training program of Fantagio iTeen, a rookie talent acquisition programme run by the management company Fantagio, the members of Astro were referred to as “iTeen Boys.” In August 2015, the team’s identity and participants were disclosed. They appeared in a web miniseries during that month. The members of the group appeared in the web series as themselves, Kim Sae-ron, Seo Kang-joon, and more.

How to play this quiz

how to play this quiz

Guess what? This astro quiz is relatively easy to play. If you are fan of their music you will more than likely find this easy. You will have twenty questions to answer in our quiz. You will have four answers to pick from. Only one of those answers will be correct. If you answer incorrectly you will sent to the wrong answer page. If you answer correctly, you will get to proceed. At the end of the quiz you get a nice certificate for being amazing. So make sure you get to the end for your prize.

Astro Music Releases

Spring Up, Astro’s first extended play, was made available in 2016. Spring Up debuted at number 6 on the Billboard Music Charts in the U.s and #4 on the Gaon Music Chart about a week after its release. The band debuted the video for “Cat’s Eye” on February 25. It features scenes from their Web miniseries.  The quartet was the lone representative of Korea invited to the LeTV Awards in China on March 6.

Astro first Album

In August they performed their debut solo concert at the famous KEPCO Center in Korea. All through the months of October and November, the band also staged showcases in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. Autumn Story, Astro’s third extended play, was made available on November 10. Sei of Weki Meki, a labelmate, is featured in the song video.

astro first album

In August they performed their debut solo concert at the famous KEPCO Center in Korea. All through the months of October and November, the band also staged showcases in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. Autumn Story, Astro’s third extended play, was made available on November 10. Sei of Weki Meki, a labelmate, is featured in the song video. Super Quiz Hub

The Astro Boys

astro in training days

Astro’s song “Knock” was featured on their seventh extended play, Gateway, which came out on May 4. On May 13, 2020, they won an award for their song “Knock”. This was the group’s second victory. Astro held a web concert called “2020 ASTRO Live on WWW”, to connect with enthusiasts in a different way. Astro’s digital single “No, I Don’t” came out on June, 2020, and they played it for the first time at the “2020 ASTRO Live on WWW” concert. What do you think to having a soulmate from Astro?

Who are the favorite Members?

  • MJ

    Kim Myung-jun, or MJ, is a South Korean musician, performer, and model who is signed to the Fantagio management agency. As the lead singer of Astro, a  South Korean boy band, he premiered in 2016. He was part of  Super Five, an idol trot quintet formed by MBC’s reality programme Favorite Entertainment, and debuted in August 2020.

    February 23, 2016 was the day MJ became a full-fledged member of The band Astro.  A solitary trot performance “Cheok Cheok” was performed by him at Astro’s 2nd ASTROAD event on December, 2018. When the concert DVD was published in June of this year, this song was added. His debut OST, “You’re My Everything,” was released in February 2019 for the Korean drama My Only One.

Kim Seokjin
  • Jin Jin

    South Korean rapper Jinjin, who also goes by Park Jin-woo, he landed on earth on March 15, 1996. On February  2016, he made his debut as the lead of the South Korean band Astro with the super label Fantagio. Also a member of thhe amazing double duo Jinjin & Rocky.

  • After attending Hanlim Multi Art School, he earned his diploma in Professional Dance. He got  Involved in a variety of dancing contests while attending the New York Dance Academy.  The title tune of their debut EP, Spring Up, is “Hide & Seek.”

  • Eric Nam’s track “Can’t Help Myself” included Jinjin in its musical concert in July 2016. MJ and Jinjin wrote “Bloom,” one of the supporting songs on All Light, Astro’s debut full-length album, which itself was dropped on Jan 16, 2019.

cha eun woo
  • Cha Eun-woo

    Cha Eun-woo, is also called Lee Dong-min, he is a talented Korean vocalist, performer, and supermodel. He was born on March 30, 1997. As you already know Astro, have him as a member.

moon bin
  • Moon Bin

    Moon Bin, a South Korean musician, performer, performer, and model signed to Fantagio. He was born on January 26th, 1998. A member of the Astro boy band and its sub-team Moonbin & Sanha, he hails from South Korea as you already know.

    Moon Bin made his debut as a young adolescent model and ulzzang in 2004 as a result of his mother’s encouragement. TVXQ’s music video for “Balloons” featured him as a little U-Know Yunho in 2006, and he has since been in a number of other music videos. In the 2009 Korean drama Boys over Flowers, he portrayed a younger version of Kim Bum’s character, and it was his first acting job.
  • Rocky

    Exactly one year ago today, on the 25th of February, the world welcomed Park Min-hyuk. Rocky is the stage moniker he goes by. Astro’s primary dancer and rapper, he’s a part of a team. The Astro sub-group Jinjin & Rocky also features him.

Yoon San-ha
  • Yoon San-ha

    His date of birth is March 21, the year 2000, making him Yoon San-ha. Sanha is another name for him. A member of the Astro boy band and its sub-group Moonbin & Sanha, he hails from South Korea incase you didnt know.

Future Plans for the Kpop Boy Group

As of February 22, 2022, Fantagio has announced that Astro will be holding their annual fan meet to mark the 25th anniversary of their debut. Gate 6 was hosted both online and in person for their 6th anniversary, making it their first fan-meet with a live audience since the COVID-19 epidemic prior to 2019. At the fan meetup, MJ said that as part of his necessary military duty, he will enlist on May 9, making him the first member of Astros to join. For his duty, he will join the military band. “Candy Sugar Pop” was the first single from Astro’s new album Drive to the Starry Road, released on May 16.

All six members of the band performed individual songs on the CD. Candy Sugar Pop was the first song they won for on The Show back on May 24. On Show Champion, which aired on May 25, the band got their second music show trophy. On May 26, M Countdown awarded the trio their third music show prize. On May 27, the band won their fourth Music Bank award.

In august it was announced Moon Bin  & Yoon San-ha would be Astro’s first sub-group, and they will be called Moonbin & Sanha, very original. They put out their first EP, In-Out, on September 14, 2020. The lead single was “Bad Idea.” On September 22, 2020, they won an award on the Korean music show called The Show. This was their first win as a sub-unit and they’re third as Astro. Also, it took them only 8 days to win their first music show competition as a sub-unit, which is a record.

As a gift to their fans, Astro put out a digital single called “We Still (Be With U)” on December 31. This song  is a new version of “We Still” from their seventh EP, Gateway. It has a warmer and more emotional feel to go with the winter season. Fantagio revealed on December 27th, 2021 that Astro’s second sub-unit, Jinjin & Rocky, would include members Jinjin and Rocky. On January 17, they made their live debut with the extended play Restore.

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