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amino acid 3 letter codes

Welcome to the final part of the Amino Acid 3 Letter Code Quiz.  In this part of the quiz, you will have to continue guessing the three-letter code of each amino acid that you will be shown. If you can answer all of these correctly you will then be crowned the Amino Acid Quiz Master.

How to Play this Quiz

how to play this quiz

Many of you have undoubtedly heard the term amino acid, but do you understand what it means? Every student of Biology or Biochemistry, as well as anyone interested in a career in the natural sciences, should have a basic understanding of Amino acids. Especially if you are hoping to do well in this amino acid quiz?

A vast variety of protein shapes and sizes, arranged at various levels of complexity and giving them different functions, are made up of one or more chains of amino acids or polypeptides.

We’ll focus on the basic unit of a protein, the amino acid, once we have a general understanding of how it is structured.

In addition to a variable chain (- R ) and a hydrogen atom, amino acids are small organic molecules that contain at least one basic amino group ( -NH 2 ) and one acidic carboxyl group ( -COOH ). (- H ).

Your task in this cool quiz is the same as the previous amino acid 3 letter code quiz. You have to try and guess the name of the amino acid from its three-letter code. If you can do this ten times you win the quiz. Similar to our one letter code quiz. Looking for other kinds of easy online quizzes?

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This epic online quiz has been rated as Easy/Moderate by the EpicWin team. You will have ten questions to answer in this Amino Acid 3 letter code quiz. Each question has a maximum of four answers to choose from. For each question, there is only one correct answer.  If an incorrect answer is given you will not be able to advance onto the next question until you have answered it correctly. Check out these quizzes when you get a chance. Learn about the bones in your body and your Skeletal system.