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amino acid molecule

How many Amino Acids do you know?

Welcome to our 20 Amino Acids Quiz. You probably landed here because you wanted to give your brain a real good test or a real good beating, whichever way you want to take it. We have gone and made one of the most fun 20 amino acid quizzes to play. We won’t bore you with what amino acids are and how they are made. If you want to learn in detail what they do go here. We can help you learn about their structure, their one-letter code, and their three-letter code. This can be done by playing our great quizzes.  Let’s find out what this quiz is about?

What is this Amino Acid quiz about?

what is this quiz about

Your task in this quiz is to try and guess the name of the amino acid from the images you will be shown. Offtopic – Know much about photosynthesis? There are 20 amino acids, which is where the name “20 amino acids quiz” comes from.  Amino acids make proteins that help the body repair tissue, grow stronger, and much more. You need to show us how much you know about these amino acids. Show us if you can actually remember all of their names correctly. Looking for other quizzes?

How to Play this Quiz?

This quiz has been rated Easy by the EpicWin team. We feel most people with prior knowledge of amino acids will be able to get most of these questions correct. If you are just learning about amino acids now then we wish you the best of luck. This quiz has 20 questions to be answered in totally. Each question has four answers to choose from. Each question only has one correct answer. 

If an incorrect answer is given you will be able to advance onto the next question. However, at the end of the quiz, all of the questions that you got wrong will be shown to you again. You will have to answer all of them correctly in order to get to the end. Let’s see if you can get this 20 amino acids quiz fully correct. Don’t forget to check out our bones of the body trivia and our skeletal system quiz.