Do all YG trainees debut?

All Those Talented YG Trainees,
Do they all Debut or Not?

Question: Do all YG trainees debut?

No, not all trainees get the chance to debut and show the world their talents. Only the best trainees get put through, and thats only a few.

Who are YG Entertainment


Music and entertainment company YG Entertainment are based in Seoul, South Korea. Yang Hyun Suk established it on February 24th, 1996. Bands such as  Big Bang, WINNER, BLACKPINK, and countless other non-idol bands and professional musicians call Seoul home. This organization is amongst the most profitable in Korea. Let’s continue learning if all YG trainees debut.

What is a YG Trainee

Oh Sehun

An individual who wishes to be a member of a band is required to appear at an audition. Despite the fact that some businesses have scouted a few individuals themselves. BTS’s Kim Seokjin, APink’s Jung Eun-ji, and EXO’s Oh Sehun are all instances of people getting scouted by the company itself.

When an applicant is accepted, he or she will be required to sign an employment agreement, establishing them as a trainee under YG or any other similar label. Thanks for taking the time to read our article on Do all YG trainees debut. Don’t forget to check out this YG Kpop Star Quiz.

Which Kpop Artists are Under YG Entertainment

YG Kpop Groups

  1. BIGBANG (2006–current)
  2. WINNER (2014–current)
  3. IKON (2015–current)
  4. BLACKPINK (2016–current)
  5. SECHSKIES (2016-current)
  6. TREASURE (2019–current)
  7. BABYMONSTER (2021–current)

YG Duo Groups

  1. Jinusean (1997–current)
  2. AKMU (2014–current)

YG Solo Artists

  1. G-Dragon (2009–current)
  2. Taeyang (2008–current)
  3. Daesung (2008–current)
  4. Bobby (2016–current)
  5. Jennie (2018–current)
  6. Mino (2018–current)
  7. Eun Ji Won (2019–current)
  8. Bang Ye Dam (2020–current)
  9. Lee Su Hyun (2020–current)
  10. Rosé (2021–current)
  11. Lisa (2021-current)

How Long Until A Trainee Debuts?

Jung Eun-ji
Jung Eun-ji

In joining an media business like YG, you can expect to be in bootcamp or trainng for roughly two to four years. In this line of work, only the most talented newcomers are given the opportunity to make their professional debuts. Many others have to give up on their aspirations altogether.

How many trainee are there in YG?

Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin

In an article written in 2011, it stated that YG had 40 trainees at that specific time. On kprofiles which was last updated in 2020 its showed seven trainees which included, Jane, Vicky, Seojin, Bella,  BerthA, Chaeeun, Hyerin. As of 2022 they have about 40 trainees. What would you say if you were asked Do all YG trainees debut? Bts Quiz ready when you are ?

Is Debut Guaranteed in YG Entertainment?


No, the debut is not guaranteed in any way at YG entertainment. Only the best of the best-talented trainees will debut. When the trainee does not debut they are usually offered to other similar businesses like YG. That’s why the artists that YG entertainment debuts always end up being a big success. 

What Happens if a Trainee doesn't Debut?

season 1 image

If a trainee does not manage to debut, one of a few situations could occur. If lets say the trainee was under JYP Entertainment, and was very bad at sticking to deadlines and obeying rules and did not finish their contract they would have to pay bac their debt. If they fail to achieve debut or even get to the end of contract. If the company decides to let them go due to contract running out then the trainee does not have to pay anything back.

How do you debut in YG Entertainment?

V bts

In order for you to debut under YG entertainment you have to fully complete training and be chosen to be the next star of their amazing kpop lineup. As stated previously trainees can expect to be in training for roughly two to four years. So real dedication is required in order for you to become the next YG entertainment kpop star. What do you think about Seventeen? or Aespa?

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